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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Rock It

Donna B. has kindly nominated me to be a Rockin' Girl Blogger. I'm glad she enjoys my wacky blog. It still fascinates me that people I haven't met in real life actually care about what's going on in my world...but I guess I care about what is going on with people I've only met through I guess it's not THAT crazy.

I'm supposed to nominate 5 Rockin' Girl Bloggers now and I just can't do it. You're all ROCKIN' to me!

In other news: Carl's passport is in Connecticut and they have until 5:15 pm today to finish it for him to get it in time for him to leave tomorrow. They have marked it as URGENT-FINISH TODAY but we shall see if he gets it on time. He is exercising great faith in the government and his power of prayer by starting to pack this morning. I'll keep you posted.


  1. STRESS for Carl! That's scary. Good luck to him.

    Congrats on being Rockin'. Although I've always thought it was true.

    You know that water aerobics CD you burned for me? It's Bruce's fave. He calls it the party music.

  2. I would put most of my faith in the power of prayer. I'm not sure the government understands the true meaning of urgent! Did the cell phone come?
    Carl does cut it close!!
    You are a Rockin Blogger!

  3. The cell phone arrived as scheduled. We'll just wait and see now if he gets to use it!