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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Back Home

I'm sitting in my own chair in my own room. It is really hot in our house right now because we turned the temp up so our AC wouldn't be running while we were gone.

We aren't unpacked yet.

The first thing we did was put our kids in the bathtub. They were nasty gross.

The big kids (Sam and Joe, my brothers) are getting acclimated and I think they've enjoyed their time with us so far. They had a blast at the 4th of July party at my mom's house.

Sam found a girl his age to play with (they're 11). Joe bonded with one of the boys (they're 10).

I took some pictures but not nearly enough. There was some sort of stomach illness going around. I had it one day, Caleb and Eva had it yesterday, and Carl was sick all the way home. It took us an extra hour to get here because we had to stop so much to go to the bathroom. Poor guy. I'm sure he'll be glad to know that I posted that information. About six other people at the reunion were sick as well. It didn't take away from the fun, though.

I'll post the pictures tomorrow once I get my camera upstairs.

My brothers are going to be here at least a week and I've got big plans for them...digging in the dirt for our patio, playing with my kids, vacuuming the floors, mowing the lawn, etc... In return for their service we are taking them to see the new Harry Potter movie (I know, big sacrifice on my part...ha ha), to the Omaha Zoo, to the Lincoln Zoo (free pony rides for Autism Family Network members on Wed night!), and who knows where else. The kids love them and should be good when they are around.

They won't be here while Carl is gone to France so I'm looking for someone to come and hang out with me anytime between July 20-31. Any takers? Free room and board? Lots of fun activities! No digging! Think about it, people. Email me if you're interested.
sra_nelson AT yahoo DOT com


  1. That sounds like a good trip over all. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I'll be glad to have you back to your computer too. :)

  2. Whatever. Aren't you going to be reading Harry Potter 7 that week? I guess that only technically takes a couple of days.

    Anyway, I'm glad you had fun and that you were able to kidnap your brothers. I bet that will be a blast for Eva and Caleb to have them around.

    I didn't mention it before, but that outfit Eva picked out is awesome.

  3. I would totally come to visit, if I could! I know I was gone all last week, but I've already got cabin fever. Too bad my travel budget for the year is shot. Dang.