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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kickin' Some Butt

AMAZON.COM! How dare you! I got an email from amazon saying that I won't get my Harry Potter book on the day it comes out because I qualified for Super Saver shipping on my order. If I want it on the day it comes out I have to "upgrade" to standard shipping! I don't think so AMAZON.COM! I just canceled my order and will be hauling my cookies to Walmart or Target to get my copy.

I'm taking my brothers to see the movie tomorrow. Can't wait!

*for those of you that knew I was super sick yesterday---I'm feeling much better! Lots of sleep, a priesthood blessing, and 7up got me through it.


  1. That's annoying that it takes all orders an extra 3-5 days to ship if you use the Super Saving shipping on orders. It's not just Harry Potter that they do that on. If I were as anxious as most people are to get Harry Potter than I'd probably do like you are going to do and run to a store and try to get it. Good Luck!

  2. Oooh, that's bad business. Darn Amazon.

    I had a hard time falling asleep last night because I read some JK Rowling quote that made me really nervous about the Harry dying rumor. I would be furious. I don't think I could handle it.

  3. Actually, I'm mad at them myself, at the moment. Usually they ship my super saver shipping stuff right away, but I ordered stuff for Ben's birthday over a week ago and they still haven't even shipped it. I went in and cancelled about half of it, but I'm still waiting for the rest of it.

  4. The last time I ordered from Amazon I had to cancel because they revised the shipping date from 1-2 days to 4-6 weeks. Whatever! I'll be at Borders when they open on July 21st. I'm not taking any chances.

  5. You gave me a heart attack when I first started reading your post. I ordered my Harry from Amazon, too. But I'm paying for shipping because I didn't order anything else with it. Now I definitely think the $3.99 is worth it. (I don't want to waste any reading time at the store buying the book!) Then again, who knows what time the book will be delivered; with my luck I'll be the last on the list!
    I'm rereading book 6 now and am getting excited and sad for book 7!

  6. I ordered some books from Amazon a few days ago and they shipped a lot sooner than I expected them too. Just a side note. I used the super saver shipping also.

  7. In my experience, it takes Amazon longer to ship me three books from a warehouse in Nevada than it took Apple to ship my husband's new laptop from China. His laptop was ordered on a Friday and was delivered on Monday morning; most of the things I've ordered from Amazon have taken two weeks to arrive after the shipping date was revised twice. I just gave up on them (as well I should have, since there is a Border's store exactly four blocks from my house and I can just walk there and buy the stuff if I want it that badly).

    Yes, I'm that lazy person who will order online instead of going to an actual store four blocks away. I probably deserve to wait two weeks for my stuff.

  8. I'm also going to Borders because I never get my packages before 4pm, like I could wait that long!