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Thursday, July 26, 2007

What Was I Smoking?

The Reefer Sweater is only 2 rows (plus one LONG cast off) away from completion now. I got two rows finished last night and it felt like I was knitting forever! Those 400+ stitches get increased a couple of times to make the ruffle and I'm pretty sure I have 10,000 stitches on my needles (okay, closer to 500). Maybe tonight I'll finish it?

In other "what was I smoking" fashion, I took the kids to the Omaha Zoo yesterday. By myself. Probably not one of my best ideas. We went to the aquarium and that was it. We had to leave because there were a bunch of cool inflatable things to bounce in/climb on/slide down and the lines to get on those were really, really long. My kids really, really don't know how to wait in line without pitching a major fit and I didn't have Caleb's "WAIT" card with me (not that it does that much good at this time--I'm optimistic that it will someday). So, we left. I did get them some blow pops at the gas station so I'd have some quiet for the drive home. That worked pretty well.

On the way to the zoo they slept the whole way! That was awesome because I was planning on stopping at the outlet malls (I have some super sweet coupons). They slept in the car and I shopped. No need to worry! It was a sidewalk sale. I only had to go about 15 feet from the car so left it running and they slept the whole time. Sweet! I scored 2 skirts (light blue/pastel stripey and a black one with a lacy edging) from Van Heusen and a pair of black heels from Bass. I spent $33. TOTAL! Woohoo for me. The only bad news is that the kids did not want to go to bed last night. Too much napping can be a bad thing. They did go to bed eventually so it wasn't all bad.

I'm not sure this is a "what was I smoking" item...yet. I bought a swimsuit online. This could spell disaster. It was only $15 and I can return it if it is horrible. I'm just spending a lot of time in my suit lately and I'd like to have a backup since I'll be swimming twice a day next week.

I got to talk with Carl yesterday. He's in France and was REALLY tired! We only got to talk for a few minutes because I could tell he wanted to go to bed. It was 2pm our time and he said he only slept about an hour total on all his flights. It was 9pm there so he should have been able to get a full night of sleep before his meetings today.


  1. You little stinker! I was thinking of going to the Omaha zoo tomorrow!! Wanna try again?

    Actually, I was thinking MORE of going to the Morrill Hall museum on UNL campus tomorrow. Wanna go?

    yeah for sweet deals, and for blow pops and for reefer sweaters!

  2. You are a very brave woman...trying to tackle the alone! What a mom!

  3. Wendy-count me in! Omaha Zoo, Morrill Hall, Children's Museum, whatever! There are no swim lessons on Friday and I was wondering what the heck I was going to do with the kids all day. My only thing going on is Caleb's therapist in the morning until 10:30am.

  4. I'm with Caleb and Eva -- I don't like standing in line either! You should have tried the Lied Jungle or the Carousel
    Glad the sweater is coming along.
    Where do you get coupons for the outlet mall?
    Glad Carl is ok.

  5. That swimsuit is really cute. I hope it works out.

    You get mommy points for effort. Aquariums are cool. I'm sure it was a blast.

    I can't wait to see the sweater.

  6. They have an email program with Van Heusen and Bass that you can sign up for. I did it when I was in Vegas and they send me the most awesome coupons ever! You can sign up at one of those stores.