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Monday, July 09, 2007

Walk it Out

I totally stole this from Cjane this morning. You need to watch at least a little bit from both videos!


  1. After I watched it I went back and put the actual title from the video in and found the real music. I'm amazed they were allowed to do all those hip thrusts on TV way back when!!!

  2. Ok, I jumped the gun on my comment. It looks like you did the same thing I did!! You'll have to go back to the comments for cjane and watch the tellitubbies one!!!

  3. I watched all the first one "mexican breakfast" but I couldn't take the rapper on the second one. Neat dancing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. That was awesome! A great way t start the day......thanks! Kellie needs to see this.

  5. Gwen Verdon rocks! She must've had the healthiest pelvis in town!

  6. Anonymous2:02 AM

    You all need to see Gwen Verdon play Lola in Damn Yankees. "Whatever Lola wants... Lola gets..." So fabulous! Let me know if you find that on YouTube, I have the VHS version (from my Dance History days, she's a Fosse girl all the way!)
    Megan in NM