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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Part Two

My dad loves the EARTH so he is doing his part by recycling his old cans into wind chimes. It is the Oklahoma thing to do.

Eva and Caleb couldn't be bothered to come inside the house to play. They spent most of the afternoon in Goldsby on the trampoline.

We got them to stop jumping long enough to open some of those champagne poppers.
I also lured them away from the trampoline by taking them and my brothers (Sam and Joe) on a ride in my grandpa's "car". We went up and down the street. We usually take it back behind the barns but it was too muddy for me to risk it.

My dad loves ugly dogs. I don't have pictures of all of his ugly dogs but he got a new puppy. They found it and it was all messed up and had maggots all over it. It is now doing just fine and looks an awful lot like my old dog, Doug. Eva certainly loves animals. Everyone is trying to convince me to get her a dog but I'm not even close to succumbing to the pressure. I don't need another poop machine around here. I've got enough on my plate for now, thank you very much.

We spent the last bit of the time in Goldsby packing up the boys for their stay here with us in Nebraska. Sam is having a lot of fun. He lost a tooth tonight during our 07/07/07 party (FUN FUN FUN!). It was pretty gross. Joe is having fun, too but really misses home. He has cried a couple of times and I feel bad for him. I was warned that this would happen. He loves his mama and dad. It is so sweet. We're going to spend the day at church tomorrow and then try and go out to the Omaha Zoo on Monday...maybe Tuesday. They only have a few days left to experience Nebraska. So far they've seen A LOT of corn.

Mmmm. Corn.


  1. Oh my goodness, those windchimes are my favorite! It looks like he spent a lot of time on them too.

    I'm with you on the dog thing. Except with us the pressure is for a cat. Bruce is afraid of dogs, but both boys are in love with cats. I tell people that I can barely remember to feed and bathe the humans in my household. There's no way I'm adding an animal too.

  2. *sniff, sniff* drove right by and didn't even say hi.

  3. When I went by the Tecumseh exit I said, "HI TIFFANY!" really loudly. Does this count?

    I said hi to Melessa, too.

    Matt-if you're reading this, our trip down was just WAY too short this time!

  4. Our neighbors in our old apartment had authentic beer can wind chimes. If I remember correctly, they had a different set for several different kinds of beer. I never thought of them as "green" or "lovers of Mother Earth" when I saw them. My mistake. :)

  5. Maren-they way I look at it, it is the BEST way to recycle and you get something totally useful like an awesome redneck wind chime! I think toilet bowl planters fall into the same kind of category.

  6. How was your 7/7/7 party? I'm so sad we were still driving home. Matt even asked if you were having a party. sniff. We're SO in for next year!

  7. It was a total party! Awesome times had by all (I think). We played Lucky Duck (pick the duck w/ the 7 at the bottom and you got a prize), Deal or No Deal (the Benches were the big winners with 7 million dollars!), and we did some awesome karaoke (Jim B. butchered Shining Star!).

    We're already starting to think about next year. I'm sure a crazy 8 ball will be involved. Mark your calendar!

  8. Seriously? Jim sang "You're a shining star. . .no matter who you are. . ."? I'm so sad. Maybe next year we can get the guitar hero too!

  9. I thought of you guys on 07/07/07 and wondering if you were having a party:)