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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Smashing Good Time

My husband is the ward mission leader at our church. It is a job that he really enjoys and I love getting to know the missionaries that come and serve in our area. The sisters serving in our area right now are Sister Roberts and Sister Devine.

Sister Roberts is really smart and talks about black holes and phsyics with Carl. I think she tells some funny jokes but I don't know enough about science to get them. But, you can't help but laugh because she cracks herself up. That's one of the many things I love about Sister Roberts.

Sister Devine is also really smart but it doesn't matter because everything she says sounds "brilliant" with her British accent. She's also a ballroom dancer and knows Ashly DelGrosso from Dancing with the Stars.

Tonight we offered the sisters an opportunity to use some of their service hours in our home by helping us tile the floor. A lovely time was had by all and I was glad we were able to get started on the tiling. We got a good chunk done. Just enough that by Monday we'll be able to use the front door again. Going around our island is going to be tough but we have a good hour or two a night once the kids go to bed to work on it. Our goal is to have it all finished before we have our second annual Dr. Nelson party for his students. The Mexican Christmas theme was a hit so we'll be having tamales again. Yum.


  1. Way to put those sisters to work! (I can say that since I have been there. i.e. plucking chickens, washing clothes by hand, sifting chaff from beans, yada, yada, yada.) :)

  2. Anonymous12:50 AM

    The Sisters are great aren't they. Please tell Sister Devine hi for me. She used to be assigned to the singles ward that my sister atteded. She acctually helped paint my bedroom in Lincoln.

  3. Amanda-this is so funny! She was saying that she hasn't had to paint yet since she's been on her mission...then after a minute or two she said, "WAIT! Oh, yes I have!".

  4. Anonymous9:17 AM

    That is awesome Christy! They need those service hours! Hahahahaa

  5. You have good sisters if they can help you tile floors!!