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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Devil Inside

I'm doing a little bit of "live" blogging today. I took these pictures about 2 minutes ago. I finished a Christmas present for my sister (she knows she's getting this already) and took a picture of Caleb as my model. It's the Devil Hat from the SnB book by Debbie Stoller. It was really quick to knit up and I used Patons merino wool (LOVE IT!). It was a bonus that he happened to be wearing his Napolean Dynamite shirt today.

Now, on to Eva. Here she is enjoying a leisurely Saturday afternoon watching the game. I love the bit of belly that's hanging out and the lovely juice stains on her shirt. Classic.

I'm going to spend the rest of my knitting time today finishing up the Christmas stockings for Kayli. Have a great weekend!


  1. Christy--
    So, I discovered your blog a few months ago. . .via an evite that someone sent to you (maybe Gigi?). I think you posted the link to your blog. Anyway, I have had fun checking in once in awhile to see what is new in your life! I can't believe how big Eva and Caleb are now. Eva was so tiny when you left! Another funny thing--you are the first person who told me what a blog even was like 2 years ago. Funny. . .now I actually have one too. :) Here's to old visiting teaching partners!!!

    Andrea (Davis)

  2. Forgot to mention. . .love the hat and yes, especially with the shirt. :)