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Monday, November 20, 2006


I made a chart. I even made homemade "stickers" to go on it. I'm going to make a different one each week and have a different reward each week for having achieved my goals. I'll post a picture this afternoon after I have earned my first sticker. Here's the deal: I don't have a reward. I need a reward. It's only my first week so I don't feel it should be anything too big. I'm taking suggestions!

Here are some things I am planning on using this either this week or in the future:

1. Massage
2. Pedicure
3. New tennis shoes
4. New workout outfit
5. New songs for my ipod


  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    The first two-three weeks are the worst, in my opinion. So, maybe you should make it good. I just bought a few new songs for my Ipod. The song How to save a life by The Fray is a good one to work out to:)

  2. Hollie-I totally have that song already! If I'm going to go with something big this week, I'll need it to be the shoes. I could really use some that are better than my $12 Payless tennis shoes.

  3. Definitely get new shoes. They'll make a huge difference. Payless tennis shoes won't cut it. This is one time when spending the money is totally worth it.

    As for songs:

    Toxic (Britney Spears)
    Hey Ya (OutKast)
    Principal's Office (Young MC)
    Walk like an Egyptian (Bangles)
    A Change Would do you Good (Sheryl Crow - just about ever Shery Crow hit is excellent for exercising)

  4. Anonymous7:41 PM

    My latest song that I love to work out to is Surf Wax American by Weezer. It makes me run fast, and has a good beat. I'll send it to you.

    My shoe of choice is the Addias Boston running shoe. They are wider in the toe. Also, this is from my experience of working at Ladies Foot Locker....back in the day:) Get a half size larger. You will be amazed! I also put Spenco insoles in my shoes. Hey, when your feet are happy you are happy. I used to tell that to my customers, I know I'm a dork....but it's true! Also, those Spenco insoles last forever! I've had mine for ten years now.

  5. Massage, definitely massage

  6. As long as we're sharing favorite shoes - I'm addicted to the Brooks Radius. It has a wide toe box too and a lot of breathability. There are a bunch of little holes in the top. This is the only shoe I will ever buy and if I discover they're discontinuing them I will buy five pair just because.