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Monday, November 27, 2006

In the Mail

I got this card in the mail today. You want to know what makes it even more precious? It came from the RS president! I love working with her so much. How many RS presidents do you know that would send out a card like this? She came by last week when I was neck deep in laundry, kids, and no floor. She was going out of town for the weekend and giving me the stuff to do all the welfare food orders and phone calls to make. I think she felt bad by adding to my load but it really wasn't all that bad. I survived.


  1. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Funny! Sis. Gardner?

  2. I love her. Did I ever tell you that she was my math teacher in 7th grade. (That was before she joined the church) Everyone loved her. She was so cool wearing her Birks.

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I never got to know her all that much. I think the first time I talked to her was at the garage sale. By the looks of that card, I think we would of gotten along just fine:)

    I'm glad you have her.