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Friday, November 24, 2006

A Photo Essay

This is my photo essay entitled "How I Am Spending My Thanksgiving Weekend"


  1. HOw was Bond?? I'm excited to see it. . .and Carl looks dusty. . .that's a good sign. . .except your stair railings looks dusty from it too... I know how that goes!!! I still don't think I can crawl out from the drywall dust upstairs.

  2. Where are the Y pictures?

    So, will you be so conflicted if Nebraska and OU play for the Big 12 Championship?

  3. Wendy-we've been watching old James Bond on Spike TV. Carl can't get enough of it every year. We won't see the new one until it comes on the marathon in a couple of years. We don't get to the theater much.

    Tiffany-I forgot to add some Y pictures. But, you can be assured that I've been there! And, I'll NEVER be conflicted when/if OU plays Nebraska. Boomer Sooner, baby!

  4. I think it was Bravo, or Turner Classic Movies or something that does Bond week every year. I love it. The really old ones are SO cheesy, and great. How's the floor coming?

  5. Anonymous4:37 PM

    You know, I've never seen a single Bond movie. Are they like the Mission Impossibles? I love those even though Tom is a nutcase. So sad. Anyway, I've always shied away from Bond because of the ridiculously named Ms. Galore.

  6. Catherine--their names are much more PC now in the Bond movies. Tomorrow Never Dies was the first Bond movie I ever saw and it was also the first movie I saw when I came home from my mission. I could take or leave them, actually. But, if you live MI you'll probably like James Bond.

    wendy-the should be done by Christmas. That's what Carl says.

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Christy--I love the photo essay idea. At first when I looked at it I thought you were just picture happy like I was with my blog today. I've decided it is dangerous to learn how to upload pictures onto blogs. Too much fun!

  8. Cute pics of the kids. We really need to come out and see your new house!

  9. hmm. . .done by christmas? That's what Matt said. . ..

    last year.

  10. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Looks like fun. Ryan was talking about the big Nebraska - Oklahoma game this weekend. I'm assuming you will be watching that one:) anyway, I thought of you when he was talking about it.

    So, where did you go for Thanksgiving?

  11. We went to Old Country Buffet for Thanksgiving. It wasn't very good. Oh well.