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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dancing in the Streets

Did you all watch the Nebraska football game yesterday? We were playing Texas A&M. Oklahoma played them last week. That was a nail biter of a game but nothing like yesterday's. It was 21-10 at halftime and then I stopped watching it. I went upstairs to knit and read. Carl came up when it was over and asked me if I wanted to see the end. I asked if we won. He said, "Can't you hear that?". We opened the front door and the neighbors were all hooting and hollering "Go BIG RED!" "Woohoo! Husker Nation!", etc... I said, "I guess we won." He had backed up the game for me (love that DVR!) so I could watch the last half. AMAZING! No wonder everyone was dancing in the streets. I'm glad I knew the outcome while I was watching it, though. Otherwise I might have been passed out on the floor.

Later that night we watched Kansas State kick the tar out of Texas. Looks like Nebraska is going to have a chance to play them again this year in the Big 12 Championship game. Should be a good one!

Gotta love that college football.


  1. Hey Christy
    lateley I've been having problems getting on your blog... I'm not sure why, it takes me ten times or so until it will let me on. I'm glad it allowed me on today, I'm lovin the hat you made(last post)!

    Napolean Rocks!

  2. When we lived in our apartment, we were watching a NU-Missouri game and it was "the catch", if you don't know I'll have to tell you about it sometime. . but, the channel we were watching was about 30 seconds behind another channel that had it so we heard a huge ROAR and screaming from the apartment above us, so we said, "well, something happens. . ."

    That WAS an amazing game. . I bet that guy who got called for roughing the passer is having a bad day today. . . .