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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We went for an appointment with the psychologist to get Caleb's medical diagnosis (finally). I was somewhat surprised that he's being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. This is in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (often considered to be at the milder end). I don't know why I'm so surprised. I knew he'd fall somewhere on the spectrum. I just didn't think he had enough of the qualifications (symptoms, qualities, ?) to be considered Aspergers. I have one more appointment with them to get the written report and final recommendations but other than that...he's done with that psychologist.
UPDATED: There was a picture and a link to a t-shirt that had a typo--thanks Tiffany for telling me in the comments. Once I noticed it, I was annoyed and found something else I need. A BUTTON!


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Wow. I'm surprised. We have a 10-year-old neighbor with Aspergers and Caleb is way more advanced than he is. I was just talking to his Dad this afternoon about how easy he is to entertain. He's very sweet.

    Awesome shirt. You should get one. I wish they had some that just said no parenting advice without any caveat.

  2. Is "Appreciated" spelled wrong on the shirt for a reason? Sometimes I miss things like that (and sometimes people just make mistakes).

    I'm happy that you have reached this milestone in the journey. Just don't be killing any dogs with pitchforks, OK? :-) (Thanks for the book recommendation.)

  3. You're right! It's totally spelled incorrectly. Now it's bugging me. I'm going to find another shirt to post.

  4. Kerry9:23 PM

    Interesting reading. I am glad that you have an official diagnosis finally. I am sure that will be better to get him the treatment he needs. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I'm glad you got a diagnosis finally. I know you were waiting for one.

    I watched the "Autism is a World" on CNN the other night. It was really good.

    We miss miss MyCaleb:)

    How are the workouts going?

  6. hollie-I miss you guys too! We drove by your apt. the other day and Caleb said, "We're going to Mckenzie's today!". Oh yeah, and the workouts are great! It's the eating I'm having problems with.

  7. My nephew has Aspergers and it is very hard to know he has it (he doesn't seem to have some of the markers that Caleb has....) so I guess it can affect the whole spectrum.

    Now you have a diagnosis and now you can figure out how to move forward. How are you doing? This is a lot to deal with. Are you doing ok? How has Caleb (he will always be Frog to me...) doing with school? How does this change your therapy approach?

    Wow, that was a lot of questions...

  8. bek- It's not really going to change anything as far as his treatment is concerned. The teachers at school and his in home therapists are treating his specific deficits (receptive communication, daily living skills, aggression) and helping me pull out his strengths (gross motor, music, memorization). The "label" will just be more accurate now and when he is in regular school his teachers will have that information.

    He's making such great gains at school that it's hard for me not to have great hope that when he gets older his delays will not be so obvious and he'll have the coping skills to manage in the neurotypical world.