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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Poser of the Year

Caleb's been at it some more. Rumor has it that his grandmother (like that, mom?) got him his own kid-friendly digital camera for Christmas. I hope he likes it.

About Christmas, we're getting the kids one thing each and then filling their stockings. I better get working on finishing Eva's stocking...she's getting older now and it's harder to justify why she doesn't have one. We got Caleb an mp3 player (holds about 30 songs-spent less than $20) and Eva a personalized Wiggles CD (we got Caleb a Veggietales one over the summer that they LOVE--spent around $20). Last year we didn't get them anything from ourselves. We saved their Christmas presents for their birthdays (Jan/Mar). They just get so much from grandparents (3 sets) and other family that it seems overkill for us. This is coming from a mother that had them skip Halloween this year... I'd like to do more eventually. Most of you know that my Christmas past is full of over-indulgence thanks to my Grandma C. But, for now, while I can...I'm keeping it simple.

I'd love to hear other people's Christmas gift giving "philosophy". What are your plans this holiday season?


  1. Kerry8:44 AM

    I am just impressed that you already have a post on yor blog this early in the morning. I guess I do my blog writing at night, after the day is done.

    I am going a bit overboard for Logan for Christmas this year, because I want to. We will probably be more selective in the future.Last year's Christmas was kinda crummy for me, so I want to have a good one this year.

  2. As the years go by, I'm tending to go with less is more. My kids don't get a ton of stuff from other family members. However, my kids seem to use the same stuff and all the rest just lies around to get picked up when other kids come over to play. So, we are trying the 3 gifts this year. Symbolic of the 3 gifts from the wise men. Then, Santa will bring something as well.

    In my extended family, the cousins under 18 draw names. The adults play Dirty Santa which has become great fun. Andrea and I have a little contest to see who can find the tackiest gift for free or very little. There is generally some nicer stuff, too.

    J's family is different every year which makes me crazy. But my kids have 19 cousins (and two on the way) and doing something for everyone is just ridiculous and who has that kind of money anyway. My mom always gets them whatever I ask and usually spends as much as we do. J's mom usually gets them gift cards which we don't use for a month or two.

    I also have M's birthday 5 days before Christmas. So, he generally ends up with EVERYTHING he wants. My kids just aren't that greedy and we've worked hard to teach them the value of money (aka to be frugal).

    Most kids can only remember one or two gifts they get anyway. I only really remember two gifts from the whole time I was growing up--a bike and Ramanda (remember her?).

    That is my tome for today (which I'm sure has typos because it seems I must have typos).

  3. This is the first year we have to think about it, but I am definitely in the less is more camp. I try to do less is more with family and friends, too. I hate that the holiday season is so much about "stuff". Tiffany, the 3 gifts/3 wise men is a wonderful approach!

  4. We go a little bonkers at Christmas, but I really try not to buy my kids stuff throughout the year (unless it's a real NEED thing, like shoes, new jeans since the old ones are 3 inches too short). . .it all comes at Christmas time. I also try to buy throughout the year and save it in my hiding places so I'm not strapped at the Christmas rush time. I always try and make things last until christmas. . like last year (please don't snow, then I can save their new coats for Christmas time. We do Santa like we did at my house growing up. . .Santa left things unwrapped and sitting in a certain place for each kid every year. That way, MOm and Dad could sleep in and the kids could go nuts with the Santa stuff, then we have some breakfast and get to unwrapping the other gifts. The girls also have their birthdays close after christmas so I usually split their gifts that I have for them (Santa, us, and birthday). For my side of the family, we do an exchange among the adults and the kids, and for Matt's family (almost everyone here in town), we do a $5 gift stealing/swap game.
    One thing we always do is have the kids pick up a tag from the giving tree at Matt's work. . .they each pick for a girl their age and we go shopping and let them pick out the gifts. We talk a lot about how grateful we are to have a warm home and food and most of all each other.

  5. Anonymous8:25 PM

    We've always done three gifts too. One from us, one from Santa, and one more gift from each kids' other siblings. (I never thought about the 3 Wisemen symbolism, but it works.) We also do cousin drawings and I can't talk my sisters into Dirty Santa but if you read this Tiffany I have some very tacky and free gifts I brought home from the museum when we cleaned out the attic of the Harn House if you are interested.

    My mother, however, is guaranteed to go overboard. No matter how we try to stop her.

  6. My philosophy about Christmas: simple, spiritual, sane.