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Friday, November 17, 2006

Flock of Seagulls

I ran. I ran so far away.

Today was my first day of training. I was really nervous. I was almost to the point of throwing up and I hadn't even arrived at the YMCA yet. I knew she was going to push me and it was going to suck. I was right. But, I feel great right now. My legs are still burning and probably will for a couple of days...but it was worth it.

We started out by warming up on the treadmill for 5 minutes. I just had to get my heart rate up to 139. Then I had a choice of 3 cardio machines. I went with the treadmill first since I was already there. And I ran. I ran so far away. Couldn't get away. When I workout by myself I usually do a brisk walk at 3.0 and do some incline. She started me at 3.6 and we gradually worked up to 4.7. We did 2 minutes at each interval (she went up 2-3 levels each time). OUCH! I thought I was going to fall off the treadmill. But, I did it! When it was over the 3.6 seemed like nothing. Then I got off the treadmill and thought I was going to fall over. No time. Straight to the elliptical trainer. I understand now why all those Biggest Loser contestants always cry in the gym.

About the elliptical trainer...I've never used it for any amount of time. Why? Because I'm extremely uncoordinated at these things and I feel like a goober. She started me on the highest incline and I thought my legs were going to fall off. She lowered down to medium after 2 minutes and then to the lowest after another two minutes. Whew. I made it. But, oh no!!! We had to start back up at the highest incline and do it all over again. OUCH-a-RONI! I was getting a little better at the machine towards the end. The lady next to me didn't have to hold on to the arm things at all and was just running like she was in the park. Crazy.

Time for the bike. This was awesome. I don't know whether or not it was psychological but the bike was the easiest. I got to sit down! I rode for 10 minutes with her messing around with the resistance on that as well. My legs were burning but it wasn't unbearable. My butt hurt, though.

After that we moved over to the mat and got an exercise ball. I've already admitted my uncoordination and it showed with me trying to balance on that silly ball. I did the first couple of exercises okay. Then, she brought out the medicine ball. She threw it to me (I'm still sitting on the ball) and then I'm supposed to lean all the way back with the ball over my head, sit back up, touch my elbows to the exercise ball on each side and then throw it back. I wasn't doing them very well and I complained about feeling like I was going to fall off. She scooted up to hold my feet. That helped a little. But, I totally fell off that stinkin' ball. I told her! It was kind of funny, actually. She asked me if I did it on purpose. Now, why would I fall off on purpose? Anyway, she held my knees after that and I was able to do it okay. After we were done she sat on my ball and realized that I had good reason to be wobbly---it was under inflated and a little unstable. So, maybe next time I'll do better.

Time for stretching. This was the best part of the whole workout. My heart rate was down enough that I didn't feel like I wanted to hack up a lung and the stretching really felt great. When we were done she gave me my homework.

Here it is:

Mon/Wed: 30 minutes cardio on machine of choice (heart rate 149-168)
weight circuit 2 times w/ 15 reps each
abs 2 sets of 25 crunches

Tue/Thur: 45 minutes cardio on machine of choice (heart rate 149-155)
abs 2 sets of 25 crunches

Fri: More butt kicking w/ Jen

I asked her if I could make a pretty sheet that we can put stickers on. I think she thinks I'm weird. Doesn't she know that stickers will help me? ;) I'm totally making a chart.


  1. Best of luck, Christy! I'm trying to go to the gym more, too. When I'm in the habit of doing it, I really feel better. Not only do I feel more fit, it's a little bit of time that I just devote to myself. I can think about my day, or space out, or listen to my favorite tunes. Then when I don't go to the gym or jog, I really miss that time.

    I just don't like all the extra time that's spent transporting myself to the gym and carting my gym bag around!

    BTW, your new sock yarn is lovely. Lucky you!

  2. YOU GO Girl!

  3. Kerry1:29 PM

    You are my hero! Hang in there! I used to love that sore muscle feeling (that you will feel tomorrow when you wake up..hee hee!) My folk dance instructor told us not to take a hot shower after we worked out hard like that. It can actually make the soreness worse. Take a lukewarm one instead. It's better for ya!Good luck!

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM


    Ouch! I cannot believe she made you do all that. It makes me want to never get a personal trainer.

    Hopefully you'll get what you want out of this. Good Luck!

  5. wow it sounds horrible but also SOOO much fun! i'm so happy for you! i'm inspired to go check out if my YMCA has things like that to offer for me here.. i cold totally use a butt kicking!
    i think you SHOULD totally make a chart! go for it.
    you're not weird

  6. Go, Christy, Go! You can do it.

    Should I admit I read on the elliptical trainers? John has found he feels more balanced on the elliptical if he puts his feet all the way at the back of the foot thingies. It will get easier, but Jen does sound even intense for me. I thought Donna, the Pilates instructor, was bad. She had us hold a plank for 1 min 45 sec last Saturday. Do you know what that is? Don't mention it to Jen. It doesn't sound like she needs anymore ideas.

    I get shin splints when I use the incline on treadmills. I don't know if that means I'm doing something wrong. I just don't do it.

    And I think a sticker chart is in order (with a nice prize when completed)!

  7. I used an elliptical trainer for a couple of months before I got coordinated enough to let go of the handrails (and I still have to grab them once in a while when I feel myself teetering). Don't worry -- you'll get there!

  8. Janet7:04 PM

    Go, Christy! I admire your pluck. I hope it gets easier each time. (At least, I hope your trainer doesn't crank up the pain each time. Ha!)

  9. Christy,
    I'll admit the elliptical is my favorite. I feel like it works my arms too instead of just my legs. The idea of a personal trainer is tempting. I have been faithful about going to the gym 3x/week since May, but I don't push myself. . . maybe I need a Jen or whatever her name was. :)

  10. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Go, Christy! You inspire me to exercise!

  11. Holy cow! I would've definitely puked (and fallen off the ball on purpose!) Maybe she should sit on the wobbily ball and you can throw the medicine ball at her!!

    Just kidding (kind of)!

    Keep it up!

  12. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Dude! You go Christy. I'm proud of you.

    I've been working out a lot here and I'm actually sticking to a routine. I haven't felt this great since Ryan and I were dating.

    Did she give you a diet or something. That is what I struggle with so I'm curious what she recommended.

  13. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Oh, and get a massage. It helps reduce the soreness with all the lactic acid that you built up in your muscles.

    Keep us posted!

  14. Wooie zoowie! You go girl, sounds like lots of pain in a good way. I would definetly make a chart, stickers are fun! Great stockings, and I love the sock yarn you got at the last minute!

  15. Anonymous7:08 PM

    By all means, make a chart. But make sure you put rewards on the chart besides stickers - like, if you stick to your routine and eating plan for two weeks you get that massage.

    I used to buy a special fancy schmancy shampoo and only let myself use it after a workout. Once I bought a paperback and only allowed myself to read it while on the stair master or elliptical. Hint: it's easier to read on the stairmaster. You could also get audio books or check out books on cd at the library and load them onto your iPod only for use at the gym.

    I'm excited for you. In a month you'll look back at this first post and be amazed at how much more you can do.


  16. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Way to go!!! I have gotten really nauseous on one of those exercise balls. It ain't easy.