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Monday, November 17, 2008

I Made it Myself- Baby Sweater

I was digging around the archives and my flickr photos to see what I've made lately that I haven't featured yet on my blog. This was one project that got skipped by accident.

My friend, Brenda, sent me a huge box of yarn and other goodies from her craft room. Included were some skeins that she wanted me to make into a sweater for her (then unborn) baby. The pictures don't really show the true colors but it is lime green and navy. It is a great little cotton sweater.

She has since had her baby and he was a whopping 10 pounder. I hope his head fits through the hole. That is my downfall in sweater making and I may just have to stick to cardigans for babies from now on. I'll probably see her during the Christmas holidays so I may have to do a little sweater rescue at that time.

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  1. Is that a Hug Me sweater? It's cute!

  2. Love the sweater, and adore the color combo!

  3. Hi Christy!
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  4. I tried posting this on yoru wall, but couldn't get it to work. Hope I didn't post it like 8 times... that would be annoying...

    P.S. Darling sweater!