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Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes



I shamed myself into cleaning, apparently. I didn't just pick up the pillows, either. I dusted. I decluttered. It felt really good. I need to fix the mirror that goes over the piano and then the room will be almost exactly how I want it!

In effort to motivate myself to get my craft room back in working order, I present exhibit A.

This is what happens when you work really hard to get ready for an event and then you don't clean up after yourself and then you start piling on more and more. This is on my to do for today.


  1. The LR looks great! (Of course, it looked pretty good even with cushions on the floor!)

    I wish there was a "self-cleaning" option for craft rooms!

  2. Good luck with the craft room! My "craft area" kids play room and general purpose family room (computer and TV) are all in the same place. You can imagine how long it takes to clean up when it gets really messy.

    Which reminds me.... I should get back to cleaning.