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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide Day 1 Gifts for Men

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Day one of my Holiday Gift Guide features five gifts for men. Each day this week I'll feature five new items for different types of people. Next Monday it will culminate in a giveaway that you won't want to miss!
This wall clock is made from recycled computer and bike parts. It is not only's really neat. My husband is a professor of mechanical engineering and I'm sure this clock would look great on his office wall.

Price: $35.75

2. Gray Wool and Cotton Ribbed Sweater Sleeve Scarf from kundhicreative.

Full disclosure on this one. Julie is a friend. However, she did not ask me to include this item on my gift guide. I'm including it because I think this would make a great gift for anyone! This scarf is made from the felted sleeves of a recycled sweater and then hand sewn to some cotton fabric. It was designed to keep in mind those that enjoy the warmth of wool but aren't able to wear it against their skin. Another eco-friendly option for the holidays.

Price: $18.00

3. iPod Retro Mini Speakers from Delight.Com.

One of the best things about this little speaker is that it doesn't need batteries! It uses the power from your iPod and is just the right size to set on your desk. The Lego brick shape and variety of colors make this a gift that will please just about anyone with an iPod. And, for under $20, the price is right.

Price: $19.75

4. Steampunk Cufflinks from edmdesigns.
I found these cufflinks on etsy when I was just browsing around. These are made from vintage watch pieces and would truly make a unique gift. These make me wish my husband wears cufflinks. This particular etsy seller also has a variety of other items made from vintage watch pieces if this particular one isn't your style.

Price: $65.00

5. TomTom ONE Portable GPS Navigation System.

No need to stop and ask for directions (or drive around for hours denying that you're lost) with this handy gadget. I seem to remember that these were the "it" gift last season but if you held off (like we did), you might find that the prices have dropped and some of the models have been improved since then. This one is affordable and the reviews have been consistent.

Price: $133.88


  1. I love that scarf from Julie too! Josh might like that clock, seeing that it has bike parts in it. And that little lego speaker was SO cute!

  2. Forget the men in my life -- I want those cuff links for myself!

  3. That GPS has done wonders for my marriage. Far fewer "why are we lost AGAIN?!" arguments

  4. Great gift ideas. I *love* that clock!

  5. We got the "it" gift last Christmas, but it has since been stolen -- from our car in our driveway during the middle of the day! We may be getting IT again! I loved it!

  6. I think that clock is kinda weird, but I know plenty of people that would really like it.