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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Day Date

I had nothing on my calendar today. Neither did Carl. We can't remember the last time this happened so we decided to take advantage and schedule a little date time. I dropped the kids off at the sitters and we were free!

What did we do with four hours of kid free time?

We couldn't decide. We talked about what we used to do together. We thought that maybe we should get a hobby we can do together. Or, a project. Something.

In the end we went to Target to buy dress pants, Office Depot to buy a self-inking stamp, and Texas Roadhouse to eat lunch. We then came back home and organized some of the kids toys and Carl's side of the closet (he seriously has more clothes than me but only wears a fraction of them---he won't get rid of things!).

Are we really this boring?

I guess so, but we had a great time!


  1. Dave and I have discussed learning to play golf as a joint activity. And we weren't being sarcastic at all.

  2. too funny! We go grocery shopping on our date nights! Soooooooo much easier without kids!

  3. Good for you two! You should do it more often! And I have noticed that skinny husbands hang on to their clothes forever! When you have been the same size for the last 15 years, why not?! That's my excuse for gaining clothes!

  4. Sounds great, our dates usually end up with us eating and going grocery shopping!!