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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Around the World

Mark you calendars. Thursday, November 13th, at 7pm central time. You need to be at the Etsy Virtual Labs for the Around the World Virtual Trunk Show! On this day, Etsy sellers from around the world will get together to show their wares to a live audience in Etsy's Virtual Labs. Here you'll be able to meet the maker, learn about the process and even see them live in their studio via webcams! With the help of Etsy Teams (groups of sellers who join together to promote Etsy and their work) this is going to be the handmade shopping event of the season, and is not to be missed!

I'm on the local Lincoln Handmade team and we will be participating. Please come and support me and my friends! It will be a great way to find some new handmade products for gifts and there will also be special discounts and prizes for those that join us!

I believe you'll have to be a registered etsy user to participate so if you haven't signed up over there yet...go do it!

To find the virtual labs: Go to, click on the community tab at the top, and then click on Virtual Labs. We will be in a room labeled Lincoln Handmade or Nebraska. You will be able to check out a lot of great other teams from around the world tomorrow evening as well!

Please spread the word!


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