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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Customer Service

Yesterday I had a short list of things to do. Among them included a couple of trips to a pharmacy. Walgreen's had a coupon a couple of weeks ago where if you transferred a prescription, you could get a $25 gift card. We fill 5 different prescriptions a month so I thought it would be no big deal to transfer one for a month and get my gift card. I seriously don't know if it was worth it.

My local Walgreens is crowded, smelly, and slow. They never have enough people to check you out and the aisles are always a mess. Their rebate program is also ridiculously hard to manage (most are mail-in rebates with a separate booklet).

I usually go to CVS. It is bright and clean. The people at the pharmacy know me. In fact, I had to go there yesterday and the pharmacy tech asked me how my trip to Oklahoma was. Granted...I'm hard to forget since I have to take the kids with me a lot of the time, but she remembered the last time I was in there and that we were about to go on our road trip. I love that. CVS also has extra care bucks that I love and they are easy to understand and use.

Now I have this $25 Walgreens card burning a hole in my pocket and I can't bring myself to go back in there.


  1. Isn't it too bad when businesses can't see what their problems are and fix them? Most problems could be fixed right away and the experience would be more pleasant for you. Too bad for walgreens

  2. Wow! Our Walgreens is so nice and clean. Weird, huh?

    Maybe you should ask CVS if they'd honor the coupon if you kept your Rx with them!

  3. Our Wal-Green's is clean and nice too (both of them, actually). Too bad you didn't have the card before the OK trip, we could have taken the kids on a drugstore field trip. Next time...

  4. I'm with you! I hate Walgreens, I've been to several locations here and they all stink. They take forever and are always cranky. I pay more for Albertsons (about $/prescription) and it always takes 10 minutes or less and they know me. You pay for what you get!

  5. Oh my gosh - how funny! I have just been waiting to go there with that SAME coupon! Thanks for the heads up! Mabe I'll try a different Walgreens?!

  6. Mary Ann-- go to a different one, for sure! I'm going to spend my gift card up at the one by Braeda on 48th & O. It's a lot nicer than the one by my house.

  7. I like the 48th and O one too, that's usually where I get my photos developed since the one in Uni Place is super slow. But the UniPlace is where we get our prescriptions. I never thought about changing, that's just where we get them. Heck, I'm sure if we switched to a different pharmacy we could probably get them delivered or something, but it just seems like a hassle.

  8. I've dont that a bunch of times at Rite-aid. We don't have a Walgreens close.
    Luckily, our Rite-aid sounds as nice as your spending the gift card is bliss!

    Yeah! for de-lurking!!

  9. Can you use the gift card online? I would use it online to stock up on the things that you always need (the stuff you don't have to go into the store to look at).

  10. I like the Walgreens on 70th and O Street. It is right by my work. It is clean and my favorite feature is that it is open 24 hours. I know the pharmacists over there and they know me. I especially love that I can get my perscriptions anytime day or night, and, while I am traveling, there is always a Walgreens somewhere nearby!