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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Talk About Tuesday

I love getting stuff for free. For almost as long as we've been married, Carl and I have done some kind of survey site to earn points for cash and/or prizes. We started with MyPoints. Over the years we've probably cashed in about $200 worth of points for gift cards to various places. Once the emails started getting annoying, I stopped. Carl still does MyPoints every once in a while but he's ready to cash in his points and be done with it.

I've been using MySurvey for a few years and have amassed over 12,000 points ($120). I take 2-3 surveys a month. Sometimes they send me stuff to try out. Last year I got 6 weeks worth of diapers for Eva. Not bad. They've sent me soup, lysol wipes, and hair color. Last night I decided to see how many points I had available to spend and what I could get (not cash). I had enough for an iPod shuffle. I have the old style shuffle--the one that is like a stick on a string---with only 512mb of space. This has served me well since I don't use it to hold my whole music collection and just load a playlist at a time. However, I've been wanting the new style for a while now. It almost doubles my space and is so much smaller--it will clip on my shirt while I exercise. So, I went ahead and got it. Free iPod!

Another place I go to take surveys is Pinecone research. I think I have Gigi to thank for this one. They only accept a certain amount of people meeting requirements. I got accepted when they were looking for people with infants. They pay $5 a survey and it gets deposited directly into my paypal account.

Do you survey? Are there some sites I should know about so I can get even more free stuff? I'm all about it, you know.

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  1. I did pinecone research for a while and really liked it, but when I moved to Indiana I didn't have as much time and they dropped me because I was never available. I think I had the same experience with the first site you mentioned. I "earned" one of those insulated casserole holders for picins with the MySurvey logo on it. I couldn't handle all the emails.

    I got some really sweet sample things from a magazine last year. I think it was Better Homes and Gardens reader's choice or something like that. I got a nice serving tray and some beauty products and a swiffer or something.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    An iPod huh? That's cool. I couldn't live without mine!

  3. I love Pinecone!! I like it when they send me things to try. Check out my blog for a link to raining Riches - I do surveys on there for money and gift cards. Also have you heard of Bzz Agent you might like it. Anyone can sign up for Bzz Agent - but If sign up from a referral from me I could get a few points.....

  4. Check out and Good tips on how to get free and discount stuff, plus some money earning surveys and such. You can also sign up at ($1 trial month) and learn how to get free stuff (and if you do, enter my email in the referral so I get free subscription time)
    Have fun! Finding free stuff is a great new hobby of mine.