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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Busy Saturday

Today has been a busy day! Here are some things we've done and some random tidbits:

1. We gave Caleb a haircut this morning. We took this picture mid-haircut. I thought I might want to grow his hair out since he loves hair so much. But, he wasn't letting me comb it out without a fight so I guess we'll just wait on that for a while.

2. We vacuumed the house. Soon after, Caleb and Eva spilled some popcorn. Story of my life.

3. Carl bought a sink today. My bathroom should make some real progress when Carl's family comes to visit (I hope they know that Carl plans on making them work--I guess here's your warning).

4. My dad and brother (Sam) are here today to pick up my sister and Kenny. They will leave tomorrow.

5. I have free babysitting tonight (thanks to my family) when I go out with Carl to some kind of Boy Scout awards banquet. He is nominated for an award. I think it is because he is actually taking the boys camping every month.

6. We opened Christmas presents. My dad brought the gifts that have been at his house for months. I got everything I asked for (Robertson's beef jerky from Loves) and then some (fun games). The kids got some dance mats and microphones. They are in heaven. Merry Christmas!

7. I finished the pea pod sweater for Kenny. It is a 12-18 month size so he won't get to wear it until next winter. I only had to add the buttons so I did that so I wouldn't have to send it later. Lisa can just take it home.

8. I finished a load of laundry.

9. I'm making steak salad and/or tacos for my dad and sister tonight so they have something good to eat while I'm on my date. My brother doesn't like steak so he gets chicken nuggets and applesauce w/ the kids.

10. My brother is 12 and is taller than me now. His voice is changing, too. It is weird.

I guess that is about it today!
Have a great weekend!

*If you're missing my Smart Habit Saturday update---I'm still working on my craft room. I actually sold 8 skeins of yarn this week via ravelry so that's good.


  1. Janet6:35 PM

    We'll be glad to help with the bathroom. Sounds like fun (for the guys). Hotel Nelson has been very busy lately!

  2. I have a 12 year old brother who I rarely see. I can't believe what he looks like when I see pictures or how he sounds when I talk to him on the phone.