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Saturday, March 22, 2008


My new iPod shuffle arrived today. It is so tiny! I love it. To celebrate I thought I might download a few songs from iTunes. I found out that all American Idol alumni albums are on sale for $7.99 right now. So, instead of a few songs---I got a few albums (Blake Lewis and Daughtry).

I want to get the Sara Bareilles album (she sings "Love Song") but I can't really justify it right now since I can still hear the song any time I turn on the radio. I think in the few hours that Wendy and I were in my car the night we went to see Bon Jovi, we heard it no less than 4 times. There are at least 3 other songs on her album that I want (based on the clips you can hear) but I don't know whether to shell out the extra few bucks for the whole album. I think I'll be good with Blake and Daughtry for now and I can wait a while for Sara.


  1. How about a little bit of the Police to get ready for May?

  2. I actually have a cd that I need to get out and put that on my iPod to gear up! I need to get all my Sting cds on there, too.

  3. Lauren5:15 PM

    So how random is this... I went to college with Sara Barielles! The first time I saw her on tv she looked SO familiar, and I knew her name was Sara before they said it. I looked up her bio, and it said she was a UCLA 2003 Communications grad. Oh, THAT Sara! I totally had classes with her. I feel so Hollywood. :)

  4. Well, I feel so Hollywood knowing you, Lauren! ;)