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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Project 365


Grandpa Nelson (with Uncle Jared looking on) tries his best to rock Guitar Hero. It was fun playing that for FHE.

Caleb is a big fan of the microphones. He can't get enough of them!


Eva had a good time hiding out in the box that our bathroom mirror came in.

Eva and Leslie found their first Lincoln Safari clue at the Veteran's Memorial Garden at Antelope Park. Now that the weather is better we should be able to get one or two a week.

Our bathroom is almost finished! We finished all the painting, installed the light fixture, and brought in the mirror. We still have to hang the mirror, switch out the sink and faucet, hang the new towel rods, and install the laminate flooring.

Now that we don't have any more house guests scheduled for a while, it was time to get real with my craft room. I'm putting as much as I can into boxes and then moving back in systematically. I have a fair amount to donate to charity and sell. I've also found some things that I'm saving to use as giveaways in April for Autism Awareness Month.

Happy Easter! I wasn't going to do any Easter baskets this year (I'm lazy) but when we came home from church I decided to fill up some of our eggs and have Carl stick them outside for the kids to collect. We did an Easter egg hunt with some other kids last week and the kids really got into it. They loved finding the eggs today.

1 comment:

  1. Janet6:58 PM

    Great pictures! Boxes have a magnetic fascination for little kids. I like the mirror. I can't wait to see the finished product.