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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up my craft room is making me money.

I spent last night going through all of my stamp sets and finding out the going rate for the retired ones I don't want or use anymore. I then posted them on Splitcoaststampers to see if anyone was willing to take them off my hands. Before I went to bed I had already sold 3 sets. They'll stay listed there for a month and then I'll put the rest up on eBay.

This was all made possible by my awesome laptop. I did all of this while watching American Idol. Speaking of American Idol and cleaning up...I'm kicking butt on a little American Idol pool I joined with Wendy's family. You pick your bottom three every week and earn points if your picks go home or are in the bottom two. The grand prize is...ETERNAL FAME AND GLORY. You all know I'm all about that. I'm ahead right now but a few others (Wendy included ) are nipping at my heels. My picks for this week:

1. Kristy Lee Cook
2. Syesha Mercado
3. Ramiele Mulabay

I'm also cleaning up by filling boxes to send to the garage sale that Carl's boy scout troop does every year. We've got a lot of stuff to take. I'll post the information when it gets closer but that garage sale is the BOMB. Do people still say that? I think I might be the only one left. Like, whatever. Gag me with a spoon.

Another way to support the Boy Scouts in the area is to eat at Valentino's today. They are donating a percentage to the district or council (I can't remember) so it is a good way to support the Boy Scouts and get some food.

I better get busy. I've got money to make and things to throw out.


  1. I totally need to sell retired stamps! I could make a whole lotta mula if I did!

  2. Hey, I may come by and check out what sets you're getting rid of (like I need a few more)

  3. Come and check them out, Wendy!

  4. That's always good when you make money on stuff you don't use anymore.
    Like totally wicked! LOL