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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night I cleaned out our coat closet. I can't believe how many things were in that little tiny space. I filled a huge laser printer box bull of coats and bags ready to go to the scout garage sale. I also found another great wool sweater that I'm going to have Julie turn into a bag. I put up a shoe organizer (from the Target $1 spot) to control the gloves, scarves, and hats. It only took me five minutes to convince Carl to allow an old trench coat to go to the garage sale. He willingly let go of one hat (out of five---which, incidentally, he never wears hats because they mess up his hair). He about flipped out when I put in my leather coat I got in Mexico right before I left my mission (10 years ago!). All the convincing was worth it because now our closet is under control, everyone has at least one pair of gloves, and we have a fair amount to contribute to the fund raiser.

What did you do last night?


  1. Our coat closet is like a black hole. We cleaned out ours one night and practically filled our living room!!

  2. We made Kabobs and it's leaving me wanting more off the bbq. I LOVE summer cooking.

  3. It was Ben's birthday. We had a birthday dinner and he opened the rest of his presents. Then, I took Matthew to Cub Scouts and hung out with Ben and Nathan in the gym. Then , Ben went to his 1st YM and had his interview to get the priesthood! I'm soooooooooo old. Then, I came home and put them all to bed.