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Monday, March 03, 2008


Can you tell I've been suffering from some serious writer's block? I have had no idea what to blog about lately. The crazy thing is that I should have something to write about. My sister and nephew have been here over a week. Maybe I can't write anything because all we've been doing is laying around the house oogling over the super cute baby. He's really good. He rarely cries. He takes whatever my kids dish out (which is a lot) and is surviving...even thriving! We've been out of the house a little bit. This morning we went to an aerobics class at the church. On Friday we went to the park (it was in the 60's on Fri/Sat and then yesterday it snowed). I took Kenny to knitting group on Saturday and while we were knitting (he was lounging away not making a peep), my sister went tanning (it is an addiction) and got a pedicure. I've done laundry and continued cleaning up my craft room. I even sold 5 skeins of yarn from my trade/sell page. Not bad. Are you all bored yet? Times like these make me really happy that I'm a stay at home mom and can enjoy these little bits of down time.

And now, I'm off to the post office. I'm shipping off my yarn and then I'll think about what to do with the rest of my day. What's for lunch?


  1. I understand the feeling. I meant to blog a lot last week but never got around to it even though there was a lot to say. The sun was shining and everything in life was perfect. I'm glad you're feeling good too.

    There are always those quiz sites where you find out which hobbit you'd be and whatnot.

  2. It's all too easy to get in a rut and not want to blog. I've had lots I could share, but I don't like taking the time to upload pictures and type it all up.

  3. You NEVER have nothing to say!! Even when you think you have writers block, you still are entertaining and fun to read. Keep it up!