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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I had my annual exam yesterday. Nothing like a pap smear to start the week off right! The majority of the exam time was spent talking about my PCOS. I have about every symptom you can have (except baldness and diabetes) so we come up with ways to treat the symptoms. The only symptom I don't mind at the moment is infertility. Unfortunately, that doesn't get me off the hook from taking some sort of birth control. Apparently, it regulates the hormones enough for me that some of my symptoms are lessened.

The nurse practitioner (I don't think I've ever seen a doctor in that office--no need--the NP knows everything anyway) gave me a few options: the pill (I have had horrible side effects with many of the pills that have been prescribed to me in the past), an IUD, or the NuvaRing. I went with the NuvaRing because she had a sample for me to take. I still have a little time before I have to try it. But, I'm curious. Do any of you have experience with the ring you'd like to share? Is this all too much information?

Some other things that we discussed were my high blood pressure and cholesterol. Just since last August I've lowered my bad cholesterol 50 points and raised my good cholesterol 10. I'm still not in the greatest place but I'm improving.

In other news, my workouts at the Y are going well. I also had an appointment with the nutritionist last night as part of my Total Body Makeover (TBM) package. I was surprised at how my eating habits have improved over the past few months and how I'm actually doing quite a few things right. When I'm eating because I'm hungry, I do really well. When I'm eating because I'm stressed, I have problems. Solution: lower my stress and better recognize when I'm doing it before it's too late. ha ha--lower my stress.

My TBM trainer, Doug, said I have a good chance to win this thing. I think he's right. I'm competitive. I know what I need to do. I want a free spa day. I asked them if he told everyone that and he said he didn't....we'll see!


  1. What do we want?
    A WIN!

    When do we want it?

    Congrats on the cholesterol change. That's fantastic. I'll be cheering for you on the TBM challenge. My Y has some kind of ongoing point system. I need to figure out how to get in on it. I don't think you win anything though.

    I have no experience with the NuvaRing, but I can sympathize with the nasty pill side effects. I hope the ring is better.

  2. Joanne10:16 AM

    I saw this quote on the other day:
    "If hunger isn't the problem, then food isn't the solution." It helps me (sometimes!) to avoid eating when I am bored or stressed.
    Sounds like you are doing quite a bit to manage your symptoms, so hope everything gets under control!

  3. julie1:19 PM

    A friend of mine just started the NuvaRing and she LOVES it. Send me an email if you have specific questions that are TMI for your blog. I kind of interrogated her about it. ;)

  4. Gayla2:37 PM

    Wouldn't you prefer something less conspicuous than a ring, maybe a nuva-necklace charm, or nuve-butt patch? Instead of wearing a "I am on birth control" sign on your hand? Does it come in cubic zirconia? Better yet, could you get something that matches your jewelry from the car dealership?

  5. Gayla--I must admit that you kind of rubbed me the wrong way with your previous comments. But, this one has won me over!

  6. Go for it, win the TBM challange.

  7. Wait until your annual physical includes a mammogram then you will think the pap smear is a breeze.

  8. BEWARE OF BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!! I just found out that it is probably because of my birth control that I am having some pretty severe eye problems. I'm not the first to have this problem I guess. Just make sure you know about all the possible side effects before you start it.

    What's this I hear that my husband is working on a probability problem for you? That's why he isn't on his way home yet, he's doing work for you. Oh well, C'es La Vie

  9. Hey, that NuvaRing HAS to work right? After all, my cousin's wife did the commerical!!

    I can sympathize with the nasty pill side effects (that's why I went with the IUD--but the one w/o hormones, so I guess that wouldn't help with regulating them)

    Two of my sisters have the mirena IUD and like them (heavy periods but that's it)

  10. I have tried and love it! Love only having to remember it once a month, love not being so moody, my hormones were so even.

  11. Gayle6:42 PM

    I love the NuvaRing, have been using it for over a year. But, it is the same hormones as the pill and you can switch interchangeably between the NuvaRing and the pill, so you might run into the side effects problem. On the other hand, since the dosage is low-level and continuous it's better than the pill. And I love not having to worry about remembering to take the pill at the same time everyday. Sorry if TMI, but I do recommend the NuvaRing to friends who are interested in BC.
    BTW, we used to live in Lincoln and I always enjoy snippets of Lincoln stuff in your posts. We lived in the Bethany area (Cotner and Holdredge)and sometimes I miss Lincoln. Not the whole Big Red hoopla though, hated that.