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Friday, February 23, 2007

Top Design

This week on Top Design, Felicia had some problems. Big Problems. She put a granny square crocheted afghan on the bed. I don't personally have problems with granny squares or crocheted items but this show is all about good design and I don't see where it could have possibly fit in to any room on that show.

There is a really funny mockumentary on Youtube about how knitters look down on crochet. I saw it on Amy's blog. I started out with crochet and I'm slowly but surely turning into a knit snob. I'm going to have to break out the hook sometime soon though if I want to get some entries for the fair this year.

It's just hard to get excited about crochet when there are so many great knit patterns out there! If only Felicia had found one of these beauties...

This first afghan pattern is found here. It is free if you register at Bernat.
This second pattern is found at Knitty. It's called Lizard Ridge. If you used the actual yarn it calls for to make it, it would cost approximately $180. Until I can think of a better yarn substitute, I'll just be admiring the picture.


  1. Christy I way love both of those blankets you posted. I especially love the photo of the second one...seems almost funny to have that great of a background and prop and then have the focus be a blanket. Although, like I said, it IS a great blanket. I want to get a cool chair someday (maybe I'll happen upon one at Goodwill?) and take pictures of my kids out in a cool spot on the chair.
    I got a kick out of the three things you learned from your spouse. Fun fun.

  2. I love the Lizard Ridge blanket but 21 skeins of Noro is a lot! What is that first blanket??

  3. I love both of your choices also.
    I especially like the multicolored bright one! I like bright colors.
    I also have a chair similar to that one -- it was my Great Grandmothers--only mine isn't painted green. I rocked both my babies in it. If I take up knitting again, I'd love to make that multicolored cover. Where is the pattern?

  4. I'm going to put the afghan information in the post. I should have realized people would want to know!

  5. Hey! You taught me to crochet. Now you're saying I'm a lesser crafter? Ok, I admit I'm a lesser crafter. I haven't even crocheted in years. Clearly knitting is hip.

  6. my great gma taught me how to crochet when i was six and ever since it has been my fail safe craft. i am too the point where I make up stitches and patterns. My favorites are baby blankets and scarves - because they are quick projects and i am one for quick results. I will have to get with you sometime and you can teach me some looks fun and creative! Plus, the baby booties and baby sweaters...ahhhhhh...yep you will have to show me a thing or two.