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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Joy Totalus

Alison of The Blue Blog has come up with my first absolutely must-have knitting book. I haven't seen what is inside yet, but I have seen some of her Harry Potter designs over the past couple of years on her blog and I know this book will be fantastic. I've already pre-ordered book 7 that will arrive in July. Now I have this book that will arrive on my doorstep in May.


  1. Where did you preorder? I can't decide between Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Amazon is cheaper, but BN has been more reliable to me.

  2. So cool! Can't wait to see your HP knits.

    I've read everything in that series at least twice and some of them three times and I haven't bought a single book. I'm holding out to buy them in a set when they're all out. I looooove Harry Potter! July 21st!!!

  3. I preordered from Amazon. Walmart is the cheapest ($17 and change). But, I got the HP book and another from my shopping cart for the free shipping w/ Amazon.

  4. It's midnight parties for us--all the way. Nathan should be old enough this time around. So, I should only have to make one more schoolrobe.

    Matthew wants us to buy 4 copies. I asked him if he had $100. We'll buy one and put 3 on hold at the library. We'll get those first thing in the morning when the doors open (or maybe before the doors open). We are vigilant about having HP available immediately.

  5. How cool is that? I want to see your finished projects!!!