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Sunday, February 18, 2007


I am starting a list of things that I'm not willing to skimp on.

1. Q-tips. Generic cotton swabs just don't cut it for me.
2. Toilet paper. Why did I use that last coupon that I had? Not worth saving $1.50 if I have to use that stuff. I'll shell out the extra dough for Quilted Northern or Charmin from now on.
3. Kleenex. Okay, it doesn't have to be Kleenex brand. But it definitely needs to be Kleenex or Puffs (w/ lotion preferably).
4. Ketchup. Heinz. is. the. only. one. for. me.
5. Oreos. If I'm going to splurge and have cookies...they shouldn't have to be the generic Oreos. Icky.


  1. You can get Quilted Northern and Charmin both at Sam's club for a great price. That's what I do.

  2. Hey...I agree with almost all of those! I hate generic Q-tips! They are too bendy, and the cotton is very sparse. Also the tp, and tissue. I agree that once you use the tissue with lotion, there is no going back. And when you have nice fat rolls of tp, and then get a scrawny one that lasts a is very disappointing.The cookies and the ketchup I have no opinion on. My latest splurge for high quality items is with diapers and wipes. Pampers all the way. Especially the wipes...they are just so soft.Nothing less for my babies bum! Maybe for Logan's though....

  3. I agree with the diapers, too. We're a Huggies family. We have had horrible luck with Luvs and I just tried some new Playskool diapers but they were the WORST!

  4. How can you really be the Crafty *Conservative* if you buy Heinz? Where are your morals???

  5. I would have to agree with your list and I'm going to add paper towels. Viva is the only way. It picks up just about everything and you can scrub with it falling apart. It is completely worth the extra cents.

  6. Mary--I totally thought about adding something about Heinz. But, I'd still prefer Heinz whether it is owned by the devil or not. Just like I'll still shop at WalMart no matter how many people send me emails to boycott them.

  7. I totally agree about WalMart, we have certain family members that give us a weekly blow by blow on WalMart giving money to homosexuals, or whoever it is that week that makes them the devil. We still shop there...

  8. Ok, I was totally thinking about this for a blog!

    Qtips was one of the firsts on my list. We got taken on a DEAL at Walgreens. . .some huge bag 1,000 or something for like $2. There was a reason. . .I may as well have stuck a stick in my ear.

    TP--we're just screwed on that one, old house with OLD septic lines that we have to use the one-ply stuff OR ELSE! "Septic Safe" they call it. "Cardboard" is what I call it.

    Kleenex, Oreos, yes.

    Ketchup. . .whatever is ok for me.

    Oh, and the other day I bought some store brand Pizza Rolls. . .eww, they tasted like dishwashing soap, so it's only Totino's brand pizza rolls for me (I mean my kids).

    Another thing is Cling Wrap. . .I'm so over it. I have to have the Press and Seal kind--You'll never use regular plastic wrap again.


    I'm not sure I wanted to blog about it so I'm glad I can just post it here.

    Tampons. . .have to be a name brand, no store brand. . .am I right or am I right?

  9. Wendy- You're totally right about the tampons. Definitely gotta splurge on those.

    How about I bring you some one-ply TP to book group? I don't know if I'm going to be able to use it for any extended amount of time.

  10. I'll save the Quilted Northern/Charmin coupons for you!

  11. I am such a stickler for Q-tips!

    I thought about making a list of things I won't skimp on, and then i got embarrassed because the list was so long. It looked like I don't skimp on anything! I do... but honestly it's probably the shorter of the two lists.