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Saturday, February 10, 2007

And So it Continues...

I called this morning so I don't make a wasted (ha ha) trip out to RUSSWOOD CHRYSLER (*makes me super mad*). Anyway, I asked for the people that they told me to ask for. I waited on the phone for 10 minutes. Nate picked up the phone. He said that the service department isn't open on Saturdays (duh) but that there were a couple of guys there already working on some customers' cars so I would have to wait until Monday. I reminded him that I was also a CUSTOMER whose car SHOULD have been finished YESTERDAY and I asked him to come up with some way that I could take it in TODAY so they could FINISH the job they started. It probably really would be easier for me to take it in on Monday, but now I just want to inconvenience them a little bit. He went to ask the other service guys if one of them would do it. As soon as I load up the car, we're heading over there.

Don't mess with me today.


  1. Christy, I am so sorry you have had such a bad week. You must be the one who called while I was out and said you needed help. I am so sorry I wasn't home. Dale had been asleep when the phone rang so it is hard to imagine what he might have said. He doesn't do well when the phone wakes him up!!
    One of the things I "hate" most is a tool that doesn't work (I include vehicles, lawnmowers, and blenders, etc in the tool category!) I think I understand your frustration. You can call the Better Business Bureau and file a report with them. Marsha

  2. When we first came out here to Kansas to househunt, we were driviing around a neighborhood and someone had a car parked in their driveway that had huge signs all over it that said "Olathe Dodge sells Lemons". Tony and I laughed about it, and still do, but i will tell you that when we went looking for a car, we steered clear of Olathe Dodge.It could work!

    Again, I am so sorry you are dealing with this. what does Carl say about it all? He owes you big time for V-day.

  3. I like that "Olathe Dodge" idea.

  4. Marsha--Dale was funny. He said if it was an emergency to call back and leave you a message! I said I was stranded on the side of the road not far from your house. Then he asked if I wanted to leave you a message. I just said, no nevermind.