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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Puttering Around

My car died. This is bad on a multitude of levels.
  1. It happened on my way to pick up the kids from the babysitter and I was about 2 blocks away from my house. This was actually the good news because the tow truck driver just dropped me off at the house.
  2. Carl wanted this stupid van because it would be reliable. I'm going to try not to bring up the fact that I wanted to buy the Rendezvous instead of this van when I talk with him tonight.
  3. Carl's out of town until Saturday night.
  4. We have another car but it is in Omaha parked by the airport.
  5. They might not have the van fixed until Monday.
  6. I feel trapped in the house.
  7. The kids won't stop pooping. This is annoying me very much. Mainly this is annoying because they seem to have the uncanny ability to get poop all over the floor. The good news: the majority of their pooping today happened at the babysitter's house. She's so worth the money.
  8. I was going to pick up Little Caesar's cheap pizza on the way home with the kids. Now we're spending twice as much for delivery. This isn't necessarily bad news for me, but it will be for Carl.
  9. My visiting teacher came over today (they forgot to call me to tell me today was the day). This is normally a very good thing and I love visiting--but it ate up a good chunk of my babysitting time. I did have her help me pick up the family room so I could vacuum. That was good.
  10. It's going to cost at least $80 to even figure out what is wrong with the van and I'm mad because we JUST BOUGHT IT FROM THIS STUPID PLACE 45 DAYS AGO!


  1. I'm so sorry. Nothing frustrates me more than a car dying or not starting. With a Windstar I have endless experience with this problem. But a new car! Very Sad.

  2. Okay, that just roally bad sucks. I would be very frustrated if I were you. At least you can stamp out your frustrations tonight.

  3. Oh man! I would so be blaming DH at this point (whether it is his fault or not). I am soooo sorry!

  4. Yuck! Please call me if you need to get out, or need me to pick something up for you. . .see, Guitar Hero is calling your name. . .nothing that a little hard rock, head banging can't fix.

  5. Hi there!
    I'm so glad you wrote--we need to meet. Me and my little family moved to Lincoln about 6 months ago from Salt Lake City. We love it here so far---I would LOVE to hear about your book club--and possibly join!! I might even bring some followers with me.

    I have read a few of your posts and they are so funny..I hope your car gets fixed soon.

  6. I saw you walking (stomping) across the street at Calvert and 48th. I turned around to find you but by then you had disappeared. How about a good workout Saturday morning in the Quick Fit room at the YMCA to get rid of those frustrations.

  7. Jennifer-if I could get there, I'd go! I actually have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow but I think I'm going to have to cancel.

  8. I could give you a ride. What time is your appointment tomorrow as I plan on going in the morning.

  9. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I would be royally frustrated. I'm sorry. The best advice for the poop thing is to stop feeding them :-). I mean nothing can come out if nothing goes in.


  10. Tiffany-I've considered the "no eating" solution. Unfortunately, the kids probably wouldn't be too amused. They just love apples! I'm afraid it keeps them a little too regular.

  11. Icky. Sorry about all the bad luck. It can only get better from here though, right?

    That car thing would be a major "I told you so" if it happened around here. I think he owes you one.

  12. NO KIDDING! I'm about to go and kick some butt at the dealership since Carl isn't here to do it for me. Actually, I think I may be more effective at the butt kicking anyway. It was the fuel pump and then they had the nerve to tell me a small list of "little" things that will need my attention in the near future. Whatever. They're going down.

  13. Go get 'em Christy! And tell them the jewelry isn't going to cover it!

  14. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Maybe, selling the jewelry on ebay could cover the costs of the repairs or just cry super, super hard when Carl comes home. Sorry, about all the pooing!