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Friday, February 09, 2007


My car is back home. I'm very tempted to get some shoe polish and write negative things about the car dealership (Russwood Chrysler) all over the van. I'm also not quite finished reminding Carl about how we got this van for its reliability.

I went to pick up the van this afternoon. It was the fuel pump. I was charged $400. Fine. Whatever. We did buy the van "as-is". I get that. Then they are telling me there are leaks in the power steering fluid and the water pump. That's what I'm complaining about. They talk about their "certified" used cars and how they have a guy on staff that his only job is to check out the used cars and make sure they are good to go. I spoke with the sales people today and told them that those are things they should have checked and if they didn't, they should fix them for me. The sales guy has to ask some other guy but he won't be able to until Monday. Fine. Whatever. I'm not backing down on this. He gave me some kind of spiel on how if they fixed everything on every used car that came through there, they wouldn't be able to sell them because of the money that they have to put into them. Uh, okay. RUSSWOOD CHRYSLER in Lincoln, Nebraska doesn't fix their used vehicles. Apparently, customer satisfaction is only important if you buy an expensive new car. I wish Carl were here.

Okay, so I leave with them knowing that I'm upset. I was on empty so I went to a gas station. It was totally expensive and cold so I only got 6 gallons (I only go through about 1 tank of gas a month these days--in fact, it was only the 2nd time I've had to put gas in it since we bought it). I got into the car and the gas gauge didn't move. I drove it back to the dealership and tried to find someone to help me. They had closed about 10 minutes before. I knocked on the door and one of the sales managers came out. I told him what had happened and that I didn't want to get stranded with kids in the car and nobody to fix the car on the weekend. He said it should be fine that it was probably just that they didn't connect something back up to the sensor. Fine. Whatever. He said I should call tomorrow because they might have a guy in the service department there that can hook it up for me. "Make sure you call because I'd hate for you to have a wasted trip out here," he said. EVEN IF THEY FIX IT, IT WILL BE A WASTED TRIP BECAUSE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE PROPERLY IN THE FIRST PLACE! Fine. Whatever.


  1. You do know that come tomorrow, when Carl gets back, the van will work perfectly. It's one of Murphy's laws. Sounds like a miserable experience. I will remember that about Russwood.

  2. I once took my Dodge Neon there for a tune-up. Last time I ever set foot on that lot. I told them to do the tune-up (plugs, wires, fluids)-- just the basics because the engine was mis-firing. Yeah, they decided to go ahead and flush the fuel injectors (another $300 freakin dollars) and told me AFTER the fact. They also told me that I had an inner tie rod going bad (which wasn't true-- found out after hubby tore the driver's side front axle apart-- we were just friends at the time), that my cam sensor was leaking (they had it right that time-- installed the part myself)... I could go on.

    Seriously. If it was tech checked and certified, they need to be paying for those repairs. It's called truth in advertising. You as a consumer had every reasonable reason to assume that since they were advertising it at tech checked that there would not be any repairs needed. I do hope that they gave you some form saying what all was checked when you bought the van.

  3. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!! That is rough. I'm sorry about it all, but mostly I'm sorry Carl had to be gone. I hate talking to people about car (well, actually I never do, cause I of course make Brett do it) seems like they're *NEVER* trustworthy!

  4. Christy-My friend Christina's dad had a similar situation and did do the shoe polish thing. AND IT WORKED. I'm just sayin'

  5. Do you have an "In Your Corner" newsperson in Lincoln? Sounds like a threatened call to them (or maybe an actual call) might help.

    I was frustrated just reading about it.

  6. That was my initial reaction too. Call the press! These people are sleaze bags.

  7. Ouch! What a major pain! I agree: you're not finished with them yet!