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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ebony and Ivory

Caleb has his first piano lesson today. Last night he was entertaining the missionaries with a medley of Old MacDonald, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and The Itsy-Bitsy Spider. Once they left he broke out the Georges Bizet and Beethoven. I'm not kidding. His talent for playing by ear far surpasses my own (okay, not too difficult as I have very little talent at all for playing by ear). I'm excited to see what kind of progress he'll make with lessons.


  1. Joanne8:30 AM

    I am just curious if his teacher uses the Suzuki method?? That relies on playing by ear a lot--at least at first. I used to teach Suzuki piano but that was decades ago, so it may be out of favor by now!

  2. I'm anxious to hear how the piano lesson went. I hope he enjoyes it. What a neat talent to have!

  3. Isn't he still a little young for piano lessons? I thought they wouldn't start kids until they were 5.

  4. Heather, that's a pretty ignorant thing to say. Why can't a kids start piano lessons when ever they want? If he can play he can play, age doesn't make a difference.

  5. Joanne- yep, he is starting with the Suzuki method.

    Heather-The Suzuki method starts kids around age 3. Caleb certainly has a musical gift and we would have started him earlier but we were worried about some of his behavioral issues. Now that he has been handling preschool like a champ, we are ready to move on with lessons. When I was teaching piano, I would not take kids unless they knew how to read and knew their right and left. For traditional methods this is usually the norm and happens around 5-7 years old.

  6. I didn't think my statement was ignorant. I honestly thought they wouldn't give lessons until kids were at least 5 years old. That's great that they are able to. I'd just had never heard of that before. I've seen posts from Christy of Caleb playing and I agree, he can play.

  7. Janet6:13 PM

    Go, Caleb! (How about another sample?)

  8. His lesson was postponed by the teacher until next week. So, we'll have to wait for how it went until then.

  9. That is SO cool. You definitely need to do a video again of him playing! :)

  10. Christy - I have been reading your blog for a little while as I am a newbie knitter and I found you when looking at knitting info. I continue to read as I love how you have an entry each day, how you are so honest with your feelings and how you empower everyone to be better moms as you do it so well.
    That being said, are you related to this Gayla-person? She seems to lack a sense of proper and appropriate communication and somehow always seems to leave an insensitive comment.
    Just thought I would tell you that I support you and I encourage you to keep on no matter what others may write.
    Also, I did not know that lessons in music could begin so early either. The public school system here in the East only has kids begin lessons in fourth grade, which is at least 8 - 9 years old. Heather, it was not an ignorant question.
    Besides, didn't we learn as children that no question is the wrong question? That is what I tell my kids.

  11. Jane-thanks for leaving a comment! I appreciate the support.

    I don't know who Gayla is personally--it is a shame that her comments aren't always the most positive. But, I've put myself out there---for good or bad.

    Sorry I don't always have more knitting content. I really started out wanting to be a knit blogger but realized that my knitting isn't what most of my friends and family come here for. They seem to be more interested in the kids, for some reason!

  12. That's so exciting about the piano lessons! How fantastic. I bet it will be such a great outlet for him and he'll be so proud of himself.

    I started Suzuki violin when I was four. I'm not starting my kids on formal music lessons for a while, but if they had the kind of natural ability that Caleb has then I definitely would.