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Saturday, October 08, 2005

What the Heck?

You can find my Harry Potter progress here.

So, here are my latest little projects. They are going to be our Halloween costumes. Any guesses what we're going to be?

When I woke up this morning, I could feel the funk I was in was gone. I feel so much better. But, I'm still going to the library today to get a plan of action. I read a book this morning that described Frog's personality and said that a certain parenting strategy (one that I feel is our main one) is like oil and water with the Frog. Time to reorganize, rally the troops, and get this nipped in the bud!


  1. Hmmmm, Tubby toast anyone? Or am I way wrong?

  2. Mary---you're a genius. I'm making teletubby hats for the whole family! What fun. BIG HUG!

    I got Dr. Dobson's book "The Strong-Willed Child" and it's just what I needed. Now I'm not depressed about the kids...just OU football. :)

  3. Oh yeah, OU football. Wah! We'll get 'em next year, and I'm not just saying that. So, what happens when OU plays Nebraska? Just asking...

    I thought Teletubby too. I hadn't seen much of them since Natalie was little, but they are the ONLY thing Elisa will sit still and watch for any length of time, so they are back!

    I can relate so very much to what you posted yesterday. You've met Tristan, right? Time-outs work, but getting him to actually go to his room now that he's too big for me to carry is the problem. I'm not morally opposed to spanking, but I've had to decide not to do it because I cannot stay calm in the process. We've found Parenting With Love and Logic to be a huge help with him. I wish I had known about it sooner. It looks like Elisa is gearing up to give him a run for his money too.
    As you know, I often question my competency as a mom and have taken my own meds here and there for depression when needed. I really and truly understand and I would love to say "it will get better," but as you pointed out on my blog, our "happily ever afters" don't come until the very end. So instead, I will just send you a pat on the back (did you feel it?) and tell you to enjoy the roller coaster ride as much as possible.
    Love you.

  4. Oh, and you ARE a great mom and I love your new glasses. I meant to say those things first-maybe I should actually use the preview function when I comment.

  5. Melessa--thanks! And about OU/Nebraska...I will definitely be cheering for an OU victory. I still have my OU alumni license plate holder on the van and have no problem wearing my OU gear around here. It might actually be a pretty good game this year.

  6. I have thought about this a lot and am going to put in my 2 cents - I have enjoyed reading your blog for nearly a year. I have two grown kids and my husband and I didn't like spanking or hitting, so we disciplined without doing that. They have turned out to be really great people (imho). It is normal for small children to occasionally have tantrums (from fatigue and frustration) but listen to your instincts. If it seems like things aren't as they should be, talk to your pediatrician. A close family member was very difficult as a child and it turned out he had a mood disorder.
    Good luck with everything and remember to take very good care of yourself!

  7. Anonymous5:47 PM

    hi christy,
    i'm so sorry you were having a bad day. i feel bad now i haven't gotten your package out to you yet. i'm home on fall break from college and was able to pick up a few things, knitting and otherwise, for your next package. I'm not going to be back at school until weds. so I PROMISE i will get the package out then.
    ~Your secret pal
    ps. i need to get your email address again, i misplaced it. can you email it to me at thanks so, whats your all time fav. candy?