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Friday, October 21, 2005

Long Awaited Pics

I've finally got around to uploading these pictures of my knitting and the secret pal gift I received this week (THANK YOU!).

This is FO #25. Well, the ends are still poking out all over but I don't want to do that until I have a 10 yr. old try it on to make sure the length is okay. I also need to get the patch to sew onto it. This Hufflepuff Quidditch sweater is a top down raglan with an extra stripe around the neck (an accident I wasn't willing to fix at the time...but I like how it turned out).

This is what I have so far on the Ravenclaw sweater. It was kind of lame of me to take the picture of a blue sweater on a blue couch. Oh well. I'll do better when it is actually finished. I'm sick of 2X1 ribbing but I must admit, I like working with the blue wool-ease much better than the black! You also get a glimpse of the Frog's shoulder in this pic.

I couldn't keep him away from all of the picture taking action. Here he is. Doesn't he look ready to win the Heisman Trophy?

Secret Pal...I thank you very much! I got some more cotton to fill the discloth making urges I've had lately, a soup mix just in time for the cool weather, an ornament kit (which I'll probably use to make stitch markers), a black drawstring bag, a candle, hot chocolate and candy (which is now gone). Oh yeah, some Bertie Bott's Beans. I wonder how she knew I was into Harry Potter? ha ha.


  1. looks like you've been busy, its good to see what you've been up to again. i've got some catching up to do. my computer should be fixed by next week, just waiting for a part to come in the mail. then its back to blogging, oh how i've missed it:)
    I think i might have to make a pair of those booties too!

  2. Matthew thought it looked like the sweater was being worn by someone invisible. It does kinda look that way. With Nathan constantly battling Peeves, I can see where my kids think there are invisible people wearing sweaters. Nathan asked me when I dropped him off at Nursery today if I was going to Broomstick practice so I'd be better at Quidditch! I got some strange looks.