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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Over 15 years ago, my parents went to Australia. My mom came back with some Ugg boots. I don't think they're the most attractive footwear in the world, even if worn by Cameron Diaz. My mom was so ahead of her time! So, I'm thinking this is a must-knit for my Big Apple. What do you think?

These are some that Wendy, from Wendyknits (link on sidebar) made as a gift. The pattern is here. If there is enough yarn left, I'd also love to make matching ones for Big Apple's church pals. There are three girls all born within 2 days of each other (M:3/12, W:3/14, Big Apple:3/14). We also all happened to buy the same skirts for them, too (corduroy from Children's Place---different colors, though). Maybe I'll just have to order enough yarn to do that anyway. If M and W's moms are reading...would you let them wear these?


  1. They would look fab with W's little leopard print skirt!! Love it!

  2. You got it! I can't wait to make these.