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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ambidiaporous and other musings

I'm not ambidiaporous. Yep, I'm pretty sure I made up that word. I can only change diapers if the kids are facing a certain way (head to my left, legs to my right). I wish I were ambidiaporous. Which makes me wonder, is anyone? Are there people that can change diapers no matter which way their child is facing?

I'm ready for a shorter haircut (think: Ellen Degeneres). Am I dooming myself if I can't put it into a ponytail? Will it just make me look fatter? What do y'all think?

We have an appointment for satellite installation. I should have dish tv starting Saturday. Food Network and HGTV, here I come! We haven't had those channels for about 18 months now and I really miss them.

I haven't cried since last Friday. I've been reading a lot of Dr. Dobson, Dr. Phil, and The Book of Mormon (not necessarily in that order, mind you). All are helping me out a great deal. The Frog is still a little nuts but I now know that our parenting styles and his personal style don't mix AT ALL! Some changes have to be made (and are being made).


  1. The kicker is that as soon as you figure out how to "speak" the same language to Frog, he will change it. Parenting is about being constant yet flexable, strict yet loving. It is a paradox for sure.

    If you like your hair short, cut it. I have freinds that SWEAR by short hair. I am too lazy to do it. It takes as much work as long hair I think.

    Ambidiaporus. Good one. I am neither. When I change the cub I he is laying directly in front of me. On leg is spead across his legs, the other across his arms, thus rendering him unable to sit up, take his own diaper off, grab his diaper, steal the wipe, flip over, roll away or just make chaging him miserable. It is an adventure.

    I am counting the days to potty training, or at least him being able to understand the concept of bribery.

  2. Umm... I cut my hair really short one time, and it was BAD. I have really thin hair and it just laid there. If you're curly, it would probably be cute. It was easy to take care of!

  3. Loser8:47 PM

    Don't cut your hair. Being able to put your hair in ponytail is a good thing. And if you want to wear a baseball hat, you need to have some hair hanging out so you don't look like a dude. And if you decide to cut your hair, be ready to comit to wearing makeup daily and earings too.

  4. Thanks, Loser. You know I value your comments on this subject more than anyone. I wasn't going to do anything until I saw you at Thanksgiving to discuss the topic. Although, I do need some more highlights. I've got mega roots.