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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Caramel Apples

I made some really good caramel apples yesterday. I used the little Jonathan apples. My philosophy: little apples=more caramel to apple ratio. They turned out fabulously so I thought I would tell all of my faithful blog readers exactly how I did it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture because I wrapped them up and took them visiting teaching last night.

Christy's Caramel Apples

Before you start cooking, line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. You should also chop up about 3/4 cup of walnuts and place them in a bowl (big enough for the apple to fit inside). Next time I make these, I will also chop up some chocolate chips w/ the walnuts.

approx. 1 lb of caramels
2 tbsp. water

In a saucepan, heat on low heat. I have a horrible electric stove right now and I left it between 2-3 for the first little bit and then lowered it to low once the caramels were completely melted. This makes enough caramel for about 10-12 apples.

Stick those little craft sticks in the bottom of your apples. The Jonathan apples are pretty soft and the sticks are easy to poke in there.

Dip your apples in the caramel. My caramel only covered the top bit of the apple so I used a spoon to drizzle over the rest. Smooth the caramel around the apple and then dip it in the walnut mixture. I rolled it around on the sides first and then did a final dip top down. Place the apple on the waxed paper.

After you do this with all of them, eat one. You'll be glad you did. The ones I gave as gifts got wrapped in a little bit of waxed paper surrounded by cling wrap. Then, I used a cute little rick-rack ribbon I had to tie them up. I also added little tags that said "Happy Halloween". Yummy yummy.

I hope I didn't miss anything. Frog just came in demanding attention so I better go. He informed me he has a message for all of you.

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  1. Sounds delicious. I bookmarked the page so I can make them later.

    Also, I'll decipher that coded message at the bottom there.

  2. Sounds really good. We'll have to do that on Saturday with the girls (we're also carving their pumpkins that day--yeh, we're a little late, oh well, usually they're rotten by halloween)

    p.s. to frog

    p.p.s. my word was iofpxren (a new anti-inflammatory drug??)