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Friday, September 09, 2005

FO #16 and a WIP

Here's FO very first dishcloth. It's a really rotten picture. I apologize. There is an apple in the middle of it. It also doesn't help that I took it on my rumpled unmade bed. I am also having a hard time classifying this as a FO since it is so little and took me no time to do it. But, a finished object is a finished object right? I'm starting some more cloths to send to the Cloths for Katrina group. I figure the monthly dishcloth along is really only for a week or so and the rest of the month I can spend that time on making cloths for Katrina survivors.

I also have a WIP. Since taking this picture, I have added the sleeves and am into the raglan decreases. It's coming along nicely. Especially since I cast on for this last Friday. You can attribute this knitting to lack of sleep. I've been getting up really early every day (for no good reason). This is knit from that Jo Sharp yarn I got a really good deal on. I'm going to have enough for another sweater. But, I'm going to sell it. I'll probably put it up on this blog first and then if none of you want it, I'll put it on eBay. I'll have enough yarn to sell for someone to make this exact same sweater but instead of the purple being the main color (for ribbing, sleeves, and yoke), it would be the olive color. I'm using the Sweetness pattern from You can find it in the archives. They have their new issue out if you haven't checked it out yet. Lots of great things that I can see myself making.

I better finish blogging for today. I have two kids with runny noses. Here's the good news: the Frog tells me EVERY TIME he needs to go potty now. Even if he has on a pull-up. I'm so glad! I think maybe we can venture out of the house now once they get feeling better! We're still working on the poop. Apparently he had a pretty big accident last night while I was at Enrichment. Big Apple decided to play in it. Not pretty. Glad I wasn't here. Sugar Daddy said I would have thrown up for sure. On that note...happy day everyone!


  1. I must be the world's worst potty trainer! Nathan just started telling us when he needs to go after a month of potty training and I have been reveling in our great speed. This is a record for the Wylie boys. I'm glad Caleb is progressing so quickly.

  2. go FROG! potty training is crazy! LOL that's the only thing i can say about it.. it's crazy!
    that sweater is looking lovely! i love the colors!
    go you your apple dish cloth looks great!

  3. Janet3:42 PM

    I can just picture the mess! Lucky for you that SD pulled that duty!