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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Devil in the White City

I read this book. Once I started it, I couldn't stop. I took it with me to the Y. I sat in the locker room for an hour and kept reading. On the way home, I pulled into a parking lot so I could read some more. I read until Frog started whining. We came home. He watched Teletubbies so I could finish it. I'm glad he was willing to make that sacrifice for me.
I love books about Chicago. After living in Indiana and visiting Chicago many times, I've grown to love that city. I just love cities. Period. I wish I had read this book when I lived closer. I would love to drive to the places it describes (although most have since burned down).
This book is non-fiction but reads like a narrative. It is rich with detail. Knowing that all of this happened for real makes it so much more compelling. There was also a girl with her family in Lafayette, IN (where we lived for 5 years). I can't stop thinking about it. Good stuff. Eric--I bet you would really like this book.


  1. I enjoyed that book too! I read it in two days--had a hard time putting it down! ;)

  2. so is that going to be on your book club suggestion list tonight???

  3. I think so. You'll have to let me borrow it when I come to visit.

  4. Oh, Eric. You're funny! The LIBRARY will have to let you borrow it! I don't buy books unless they're $1 a bag from the library book sale. I'm as cheap as the Sugar Daddy there.