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Monday, September 05, 2005

PFA Update

So, it's Monday. It's time for another PFA update. I will spare you all the potty training drama for a while (although it's going better than I thought). I stayed the same in weight but went down another % point of body fat. I had an interesting Y experience, though. Last Monday I had an appointment with Brooke for him to show me how to use the weights. This is the same guy that showed me the cardio equipment. He's nice and patient and answers all of my questions. For the weight training, we went through every piece of equipment and he had me try each one (there are about 20). He wrote down all of the adjustments I would need to make (seats up or down, resistance, weight, etc...) so I would have it each time I worked out. He had me do one set of 10-12 reps on each machine to make sure the weight was set properly for my level. I must have been showing off or something because the next time I went to work out, the weights felt WAY too heavy. Instead of doing 3 sets of 12 reps on each machine, I could barely do 2. On some of them I could do three. On some of them I couldn't even finish one. I really overdid it and was sick after I came home. That was not fun. This happened on Friday and I haven't been back again yet. I'm going to have to reconfigure the weights the next time I go.

Today I got to go back to Chipotle for lunch. We got takeout to share. That place really has the best burritos! Anyway, Sugar Daddy was gone most of the morning helping out a kid do his Eagle Scout project. When he came home, I decided that I would go pick up lunch so I could get out of the house for a few minutes. I was wearing some pretty raggedy clothes so I decided to change and brush my hair. I actually cleaned up quite nicely. You know how you feel when you have cute clothes on and have a good hair day? Well, that's how I was feeling. I walked into Chipotle confidently. I placed my order and they made it really quickly. I paid and left to get into the car. Imagine my surprise when I got in the car and noticed there was something funny about the skirt I had put on. Hmmm...what's this? I had it on inside out! Here I was thinking I was "all that" and I'm walking around with my skirt inside out. I should have left on my sweats! Luckily, this burrito I'm eating right now is making me feel not so embarrassed. It was worth it!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Sorry your workout left you feeling crummy. Hope this week goes better. Thanks for telling the story about the skirt. The pics of the kids are great.