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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Home Alone

I'm home alone this weekend. If alone includes the kids. Sugar Daddy went on a business trip to Washington, D.C. to beg some government agencies for grant money. He'll only be gone 2 days. Just a drop in the water compared to the three weeks I spent without him this summer. I just wanted to share with all of you what happened at church today. Let me preface with something that happened this summer.
While I was in Oklahoma the last time SD was gone, I went to church with the kids by myself. It was a disaster. I think I even wrote about it on this blog. Frog was a maniac and I just didn't have enough hands to keep it together. Melessa helped me out with Big Apple so I could keep Frog contained out in the hallway. It wasn't fun. I said right then and there that I would never go to church with just me and the kids again. Too risky.
Fast forward to today. I teach Sunday School (to the 12-13 yr. olds), I'm subbing for the Relief Society pianist that just had a baby, and I'm the new Relief Society Secretary. I have a lot to do at church now. We got really spoiled in Indiana with easy callings. It just wasn't worth it to miss church. I would have had to find subs galore. I would have to tough it out.
My visiting teaching companion is a sweetheart. She's my age, single, and super-cute (not unlike me! ha ha). Did I mention that she absolutely adores the Frog? I asked her if she would sit with us today. Frog was an absolute dream in church. He stayed in the pew, was relatively quiet (even during two baby blessings!), and didn't have to be taken out once. Big Apple, on the other hand, spit up on me 4 different times. The kid in front of us was watching and said to his mom, "Fifth times the charm!". Oh my. Luckily, I didn't have clothes on that I particularly care about so that was no big deal. Speaking of clothes...what are you going to wear tomorrow, Wendy? I'm thinking about black pants and a grey t-shirt. FYI.
I'm just so happy that they were good. It makes me think that these next couple of days aren't going to be so bad. I may even get to do some knitting. Oooh. Knitting.


  1. I'm happy they were good too. I hope you get to do some knitting.

  2. Hey Christy, do really dark navy capris and a old/raggedy off white t-shirt count??

    We'll have to plan for our Thursday survivor outfits. . . maybe a nice green (like all the guys faces being so sick last week??) Remember we'll be at Madison's school from 7-8, so we'll see you at 8 for the show!! (don't forget your meds so Smokey doesn't make you cry!!)

    P.S. you kiddos are so cute! Miss Apple was giving me big smiles!! Love it. (I know you're thinking, yeah, you should see how "Cute" they are at home. . .that's what I always think when people have compliments for my kids.)

  3. I haven't forgotten! I'll be there at 8. Dr. Nelson (ha ha) wants to know if he can borrow the taped episode from last week. ¿Es posible?

  4. I think it got taped over, but I'll check, I'll make sure we get the next episodes to him!! You know since he's a big DR. and all!!

    my word was inhdex (the closest to an actual word I've ever had)