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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Just When I Thought I Might Skip Town...

I had a rotten day. The Frog was in a foul mood most of the day. Big Apple is snotty and cranky. This makes me sad/angry/cranky/mean/depressed. Choose one (or more). I had a Relief Society Presidency meeting this morning. The president is the sweetest lady and assured me that having my two kids there would be no problem. About 20 minutes into our 2 HOUR meeting, she suggested we start having them in the evening so I won't have to bring my kids. Yep, that bad!

I'm starting to question if I was made infertile for a reason. Am I capable enough to raise children? What was I thinking? I have no idea what the heck I am doing. Instead of trying to make things better, I'm wondering which one of us it would make more sense to medicate. I'm kidding. But not really. *we just saw Dodgeball...that was one of my favorite lines although ¿Dónde está la biblioteca, Pedro? is the all time fave* So, back to my rant. Let's just leave it at the fact that I feel totally inadequate and I'm about at my wit's end as to what to do.

But, a few minutes ago, a miracle happened. Both kids went to bed. They are both in bed and it's only 8:30pm. This is about 2 hours earlier than "normal". I have a chance to wind down. To get a grip. I'm starting to feel a little better. I'm sure this will all change when they wake up in the middle of the night wondering why it's not daytime yet. But for now, I'll save the call to a dr. for a prescription for another day.


  1. Since you read my blog, you know I feel overwhelmed almost daily by motherhood. If you are infertile "for a reason," then why can I pop them out like an assembly line when I am way less capable than your average LDS mother? (You should have seen how crazy they were tonight while I tried to conduct a PTA mtg. Our blind secretary could tell I had several "energetic children" in the background.) Days like this just happen and I'm sorry one happened to you today. For what it's worth, I think you are great with your children and, from one mom of an energetic boy to another, you've got your hands full.

  2. Darn it, our kids always find a way to save their hide don't they?? Seriously though, don't even worry about it, I have no idea what I'm doing either!! Whenever I talk to my mom on the phone I feel like saying, "tell me again why I'm doing this??" My mom swears that kids these days have to be tougher because they have so many more trials and temptations to fight in their lives. That might be a big fat lie but hey, I'll take it!!

  3. oh man! i think all mothers have this day wether they're inferile or not! it's part of being a mom!i've had tons of days like such! where i just want to quit and run away but then they fall asleep and look soo sweet! i'm always wondering what i'm doing! ijust find other mom's to help me a long the way! hope tomorrow goes better for you

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only one going nuts! Sorry to hear your kids are nuts, mine are too. Bill Cosby says kids are brain damaged, everyday my kids help confirm that quote.