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Monday, September 12, 2005

PFA, YMCA, BM, FO, WIP, SP6: all very worthy acronymns

PFA: Well, this week I experienced no weight change at all. You will recall, however, that I enjoyed a nice Runza combo meal with a shake. Here's the main thing: I drank water. Lots of it.

YMCA: Because of sickness and potty training, I did not go to the Y at all this week. That could be part of my "no change" this week for Project Fat Arse. I was sick at the beginning of the week. Big Apple got sick in the middle. Frog was sick all weekend. Aargh.

BM: Frog still will not go poop in the potty. Today was no fun at all. We'll call it a regression, okay? He REFUSES to get on the potty when he's pooping. I see when he's ready. I see it coming out. I rush him to the potty. He thrashes. He flails. He gets poop everywhere. It's totally gross. I cleaned up 3 different poop accidents today before I decided that if he's going to poop that much and fight me every time, I'm going to put him in a diaper. He'll still tell me when he needs to go pee, though. I've had to change 4 additional poopy diapers today. SEVEN TIMES! Has he been saving it up? What's going on? It's yucky.

FO: And now for some knitting news. I have a few more finished objects. Here's my proof.

These are numbers 17, 18, and 19. Just plain old dishcloths. They were so quick and easy to do. These, along with some soap, are going to be sent to Cloths for Katrina. I'll probably knit up at least 5 more before I send them out. I'm using up the leftover cotton from the argyle cardigan and the flower jacket.

This isn't technically a FO yet. I still have to kitchner stitch under the arms and weave in all the strands. But, here is my version of's Sweetness.

I absolutely fell in love with working raglan sleeves and having a seamless sweater. It's going to be hard for me to make a sweater any other way. It fits okay. It's a little big but if I wear a shirt under it, I probably won't notice much. Plus, I planned on this being a big, cozy sweater. I love the way the colors work together, too. I'm so excited to have this done. It took 8 days from start to finish. I attribute that to using size 11 needles and thick yarn. I think gauge is 4 stitches per inch. Working in the round saves so much time, too. I guess you can add a couple of days to that total since I haven't actually finished it yet. It could use a good blocking.

WIP: I have a work in progress to report on. I'm making Mary's son a HP Gryffindor scarf like the ones I made earlier. He's 3 so I'm making a few modifications so it doesn't swallow him up. Here's a pic of the progress so far:

SP6: Is anyone else just going crazy waiting for the announcement of their secret pals? I've been checking my email like a madwoman today hoping to find out who I am going to be sending my goodies to. I hope the email gets here soon!


  1. Wahoo! You rock! I started breaking out my patterns today and making plans for a trip to Joanns for little harry Potter and big Dumbledore (aka Jason). I'm thinking Liz gets to be the Hungarian Horntail...

  2. I thought you'd make her a little Ginny. Doesn't she just adore your little Harry?

  3. Sorry about Frog-you know darn well that I can relate. Your sweater looks great!

  4. I love the colors in your sweater -- especially the purple.

  5. anne--I can't remember the name of your blog! I lost it the last time I "cleaned up" my computer. I know it is latin and I've been trying all sorts of different words and just can't get it. Will you email it to me? sra_nelson at yahoo dot com

  6. Great knits! I can't wait to start on my HP knits! ;)