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Friday, September 23, 2005

Don't Hate Me Because I'll Be Here For a Week

We're leaving for Long Beach, California tomorrow. We'll get home late the 29th. I haven't been letting myself get too excited. Mainly because I've been sick and I haven't finished the laundry. I've got a busy day ahead of me. I should be able to blog while I'm gone because Dr. Sugar Daddy (I think I've just renamed the hubby) has his awesome new laptop that I'll be able to use.

Dr. SD is presenting a paper at some mechanical engineering conference. The rest of us are tagging along for an affordable vacation (since the University is footing the bill for hotel, rental car, and Dr.SD's flight and food). Some of our best friends from our days at Purdue are in Redondo Beach and we're planning on seeing them as well. I can't wait. This will be good. I'm starting to really look forward to this vacation (forget the work I have to do today!).

I'm planning on taking the kids to the Long Beach Aquarium while we are there. Frog has been really getting into animals lately. I hope he likes it. I'm sure we'll get in some beach time as well. But, for me, beaches aren't that great. They are more trouble than they are worth most of the time. Sand, sand, sand, cold salty water, wind, etc... I can't deny the little ones (including Dr.SD) the pure joy of the beach. Frog is already talking about sand castles.

I better get my act together. It's time to finish up that laundry and start packing up the house.


  1. I don't hate you! Have fun! (My mom was born in Long Beach-did ya know that?)

  2. Janet1:47 PM

    Have a WONDERFUL week! Take some pictures for us if you can.

  3. Awesome trip! Have fun! I know what you mean about the beach. It seems like you find sand in creases and crevices for months!!

  4. Say hi to our Purdue friends for me and love it up!

  5. Ooops, I meant LIVE it up...