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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tubby Toast

The Crafty Conservative

I can't get on the computer anymore without the Frog asking me for Teletubbies or Tubby Toast. I took him to one day to play some games and listen to some music. Now, it's a never-ending struggle to check my email, blog, surf, etc... I can't stand the Teletubbies. I can watch the Wiggles. I can watch Veggie Tales (I haven't been able to find his fruit snacks here in Lincoln...he's been going without). I can't sit and watch Teletubbies. I'm trying to get him to like some of the stuff at but the only thing he's mildly interested in is the Bing Bang song on nickjr radio (it's the song from LazyTown).

Speak of the he is! Teletubbies! Teletubbies! Puhweeeeeze? Well, here I go. Time for tubby bye-bye.


  1. Frog always cracks me up.

  2. Tell frog to go to the URL below to get his fix of his beloved snacks. Tell him that I said he could use mommy's credit card.

  3. Maybe Uncle Eric can throw a box or two into his one and only nephew's presents sometime! ;) Not really! Now that he's stopped asking for them I'm not going to press my luck.

  4. My kids LOVE lazy-town! It cracks me up how "SPORTicus" is just like those wackos who are in those professional aerobics competitions. . .all the same moves and everything! I'll just sit on my behind and watch thanks!