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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Knitting Without Tears

Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman is the latest knitting book that I've read. The author is a true knitting goddess. Her first line is, "Most people have an obsession; mine is knitting". Really. She's amazing. This book reads more like a narrative and less like a book of instruction or patterns. There are some great patterns for seamless sweaters but I'm going to have to ask Sugar Daddy to help me work out the math. She throws in her wit and tries to mend the divide between those that knit English, and those that knit continental. I really never have figured out what the big deal is about that. Anyway, I recommend this book to one and all. Just know that it is not a book that will help you learn to knit. It would be very confusing to try and read this without having made at least one sweater or without being familiar with more complex patterns.

I have made some good progress on the Flower Jacket. I'm just about 20 rows away from completing the left front. I'm dreading the back and the sleeves, but I've got to do them! Here's a picture of the right front that I posted after I finished it. There will be flowers in every other diamond. That's moss stitch inside of two cables. I'm using Bernat cotton. It's not the most fun to knit with but I think it's mainly because the needles are small (size 3). My hands get tired rather quickly while knitting on this. That probably explains why it is taking me so long to finish it. But, I'm resolved to get it done quickly. You may remember that this is for a friend...the one that helped us out so much with our last adoption. I also am going to knit a cardigan for her son that I want to get done before it gets too cold. These are my priorities at the matter how much that Jo Sharp yarn is calling to me.

PFA is coming along rather nicely. We joined the Y and have been going this week. I rode a bike for 6 miles on Tuesday and swam on Monday. I took the day off yesterday because of our late night with Neil. I was going to go to a water aerobics class tonight but my cravings for salty and sweet are preventing me from attempting to go tonight. Plus, Sugar Daddy got home late anyway. He was in Omaha watching surgeries. I'm glad that's his job and not mine. Yuck. I know he's an engineering professor but they are having him watch them so he can get an idea of how the tools work, what tools are needed, etc... so he can start designing some new ones. Back to PFA and the Y, I'll probably go back tomorrow and ride the bike again.

I got invited to join a book group here in town. This month the book is "Reading Lolita in Tehran". I'm going to the library right now to pick up a copy. They don't meet until the 3rd Wed. of the month so I have a while to read it. Until tomorrow...happy knitting all!


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